Violent Disturbances in Asia

‘THAAD’ ready to protect South Korea, announces US military


Seoul : The US Army announced last week that the ‘THAAD’ missile defense system which was deployed in South Korea was now ready for action. On the other hand, China objected to this deployment of the US and warned that necessary actions will be taken against it. THAAD batteries and missiles have been set up at a golf course at Seongju, 200 km southeast of South Korean capital of Seoul.

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Iran slams Pakistan for terror allegations; states that it is not involved in promoting terrorism in Pakistan


Tehran: Pakistan has alleged that Kulbhushan Jadhav had come to their country with the intent of creating terrorism. They have also claimed that Iran too seems to be involved in these acts of terrorism. Iran has condemned Pakistan for these allegations. The Iranian embassy in Pakistan has stated that terrorism in Pakistan is not being supported by Iran. After declaring a death penalty for Jadhav, the Pakistani military court have also arrested a Karachi based criminal Uzair Balochand established connections between them. The media in Pakistan has also claimed that Jadhav has connections with the Baloch-Irani spy organizations.

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North Korea can end the world with thermo-nuclear attacks; warns special representative of North Korea

thermo nuclear attacks

Seoul : ‘North Korea is equipped with thermo-nuclear bombs. If the western countries attempt an attack on North Korea, then North Korea can end the world with just three thermonuclear bombs’, warned Alejandro Cao de Benos, the special-representative of North Korean Foreign Ministry. Similarly, the North Korean Foreign Ministry has also threatened to sink the aircraft carriers of the US, proceeding towards the Korean territory and North Korea will start a nuclear war if it is attacked.

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Attacks by Israel’s fighter planes on Syria

Jerusalem/Damascus – After the missile attacks of the US on Syria, and as the two groups – US and Russia are confrontating each other, the news, that the fighter planes of Israel are mounting attacks on Syria, has been received. Syrian media has claimed that Israel’s planes have attacked those areas in Syria where Hezbollah terrorists have been hiding. However the Syrian military has denied such air attacks from Israel. 


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Militants in Jammu & Kashmir loot bank cash and police weapons


Srinagar : After the death of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani, the militants in Jammu and Kashmir have gone berserk and launched attacks on security forces, educational institutions and administrative organizations. Now going a step further, the militants in the Kashmir Valley have taken to looting bank cash and police weapons. In the last few days, the instances of looting cash from the  banks and ATMs by the militants in the Kashmir Valley have increased. In the past three days itself, four such incidents of looting cash from the banks by the militants have occurred. In one such incident, militants have snatched away five SLR rifles from the police.

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Israel launches air strikes near Syrian Capital, destroys Iranian Arms depot


Damascus/Beirut: In the early hours of Thursday morning, Israeli fighter planes launched air strikes on Syria destroying an arms depot under Iran’s possession. The head of the Israeli intelligence agency informed that Israel launched this attack as Hezbollah was being supplied weapons from this depot. Israeli Minister of Intelligence ‘Israel Katz’ informed this to the Israeli Army Radio. Katz stated that the attacks on Syria was in accordance to Israel’s policy.

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Pakistan responsible for terrorist attacks on Iran soldiers, sharply criticises Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry

Tehran: Nations that participate in the coalition to fight against terrorists must answer as to why no action has been taken against terrorists in their own land, demanded Iran while castigating Pakistan. The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rebuked Pakistan while asking it to seek an account for the proceedings carried out by it against terrorists. This infuriated response arose from Iran after the lives of 10 soldiers were claimed in a terrorist attack on its border that is shared with Pakistan and  has criticised Pakistan, holding it solely responsible for this attack.


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Colleges in Kashmir Valley stay shut due to demonstrations Students suffer educational loss

Violent Valley Demo

In the context of the conflicts between students and the security forces in the past and to avoid any undesirable happenings the colleges in the Kashmir Valley have been closed down. For five days continuously till Saturday, the colleges have remained shut thereby causing a great loss to students academically. The separatists’ movement in the Kashmir Valley has again been lot of support from Pakistan. Last year Burhan Wani, the Commandar of the Hizbul Mujahiddin had died in a skirmish with the security forces.

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Turkish referendum hands President Erdogan unbridled power


Istanbul: The results of the historic referendum held in Turkey on Sunday have been declared and the Turkish people have supported President Recep Erdogan’s appeal with only a slim majority in the consensus. His strategy to bring into effect a presidential system has succeeded with 51% of votes in his favour. However, the European leaders have advised President Erdogan to be cautious considering the slim majority he received. Meanwhile, demonstrations are being carried out on a large scale in major cities of Turkey against the violations in the referendum.

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