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Violence escalating in the Middle East

Houthis carry out drone attacks in Saudi Arabian airbases, Saudi Arabia claims to have destroyed 8 drones

Aden/Riyadh: The Houthi rebels, who have become aggressive since the last few days, carried out drone attacks on two Saudi Arabian airbases. The Houthi rebels have revealed this information. In contrast, Saudi Arabia accused that the Iran-backed Houthi rebels are consciously targeting civilians.

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Tension between Iran and Turkey over military action in Iraq

Ankara/Tehran: Turkey and Iran had united against the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. However, this bond between the two countries seems to be deteriorating. Iran has warned that the Turkish military’s presence and its actions in Iraq will not be tolerated.

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In response to attack on its cargo ship, Israel launches pounding airstrikes on Iranian positions in Syria

Damascus/Jerusalem: Syrian media have accused Israel of carrying out attacks near capital Damascus. The Syrian army or media did not provide details on the extent of damage caused by the attack. However, Israeli media are claiming that their country has targeted Iranian military bases in Damascus. 

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Russian fighter jets carry out airstrikes on terrorist bases in Syria

Beirut/Moscow: Russia has intensified its action against terrorist locations in Syria. A few hours ago, Russian fighter jets launched fierce attacks in the Latakia province in eastern Syria. Ceasefire violations were being observed from this area for the last few days.

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Mysterious explosion in Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman, Iran claims of avenging US attack in Syria

Tel Aviv/Moscow: There was a mysterious explosion in an Israeli cargo ship sailing through the Gulf of Oman. Over the last few years, Iran has carried out attacks on cargo ships and oil tankers from Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in this marine sector.

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US launches airstrikes on an Iranian base in Syria, minimum 22 killed

Washington: A minimum of 22 people have been killed in the airstrike launched by the US fighter jets in the Deir ez-Zor province in eastern Syria. The United States carried out this action on the bases of Iran affiliated terrorist organisations. 

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