'Vahu Tujhiya Charani Bhaal, Hechi Tulasipatra Majhe'

'Vahu Tujhiya Charani Bhaal, Hechi Tulasipatra Majhe'

- Rupaliveera Daware, Bangalore   In our journey of life, we tend to gather experiences of the principle that is the Sadguru (Sadgurutatva). We tend to get closer to our Sadguru while savouring these experiences. Also, we tend to understand the ever-pervasive power of our Sadguru. We tend to realize that nothing is oblivious to him, not even a seemingly trivial thought. While we might be physically thousands of miles away from our Sadguru, we begin to believe that he is never away from his followers. 

Tekata Me Matha Tujhiya Charanashi, 

Preme Tu Dharisi Majala Potaashi 

Jashi Maay Sambhaali Nijbalakaasi, 

Bapu Jagadambe, Me Tujha Baal Jhalo II 

(As I bow my head at your feet, 

You carry me with love, 

Just as a mother cares for her child, 

Bapu Jagadamb (mother of the whole world), I am your child.) 

One tends to envision Bapu when one reads these four lines from 'Sadguru Runadnyapak Stotra.' The reality of these four lines and Bapu's existence in one's life is self-evident. All Shraddhavans narrate their experiences with utmost love and reverence. I have had several such experiences of my Sadguru.  My life as a whole and each day is in itself an experience.    It was April 3, 2008. It has been quite some time since then, but I still remember the day vividly. My son's birthday is on April 4, and I went to the Dainik Pratyaksha's office to give an advertisement for the occasion. After that, I proceeded to Gurukshetram for darshan. It was time for the afternoon aarti by then. Volunteers were instructing Shraddhaavaans to be seated.  The Gurukshetram was crowded and almost full for seating. Several others were waiting outside. During those days, Bapu himself would come down for Aarti. I sat outside so that someone else would get the opportunity to sit inside. I was to bring my son the next day to Gurukshetram for darshan on his birthday and decided to sit inside the following day. I prayed for my son and requested Bapu to invite me the next day as well.  After some time, Bapu arrived. He performed Dattabappa and Anasuyaamata's pooja. He fed Gomata the Gograss and offered Tulsipatra to Dattabappa and Anasuyaamata. While Bapu was offering Tulasipatra from the plate, a thought crossed my mind, "Bapu himself has touched these Tulsipatra. How would it be to take one of the sacred Tulsipatra after Aarti to eat as prasad?"  I kept quiet and immersed myself in the ongoing Aarti. After it was over, Bapu gave darshan and blessings to all. He began walking towards the exit. He suddenly stopped, turned around, picked up the Tulsipatra and put them back on the plate. He then handed the plate to Samir Dada, pointed it towards the Shraddhaavaans sitting there and informed him something.   After some time, we came to know that Bapu had asked Samir Dada to distribute Tulsipatra to all those who were sitting inside the Gurukshetram. I felt terrible that I had chosen to sit outside that day as I would not be receiving the Tulsipatra. However, my Sadguru is great, and his love is equal for all his bhaktas. Just as I felt the disappointment, Bapu raised his hand to let Samir Dada know that the Tulsi leaves were to be distributed to all those who were sitting outside Gurukshetram as well.  I was amazed and overwhelmed with extreme joy. He had fulfilled my wish, and it did not stop there. I thanked Bapu a thousand times and took darshan at the Gurukshetram. I decided to take my prasad and bring it home to distribute it to all. However, the volunteer distributing Tulsipatra also informed us that we needed to consume it right away. I asked them if one gets this Prasad every day. The volunteer said that it was being given only for that day.  I returned home with mixed feelings as Bapu had fulfilled my desire, but my son would not be getting it the next day on his birthday. When I returned to Gurukshetram with my son the next day, what transpired was unimaginable. We got the Tulsipatra prasad that day as well. I was reminded of Bapu's ever-loving grace on all of his bhaktas. Dear Bapuraya, keep showering your blessings and grace on everyone.  Vahu Tujhiya Charani Bhaal, Hechi Tulsipatra Majhe.”  (I surrender my head (myself) at your feet; this is my Tulsipatra)