Some unusual happenings and events from around the world

Hypersonic missiles could trigger World War 3, warns renowned US think tank


Washington : If hypersonic missiles, capable of travelling 25 times faster than passenger plane, are obtained by rival nations or terrorist organizations could possibly trigger the third world war, warns a US based study group. The study group has recommended that to avoid the third world war, US, Russia and China, which produces such hypersonic missiles should agree to not sell these missiles to any other nations. US, Russia and China have reached a final stage of developing hypersonic missiles.

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Hungary PM calls refugee influx, a conspiracy by the world’s Dark Side


Budapest: The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made a provocative allegation that the influx of refugees migrating massively in the European countries is similar to an attack and it is conspired by world’s powerful ‘Dark Side’, He also claimed that the ‘Dark Side’ is without any definite structure, however, its network is far-stretched globally. Prime Minister Orban with reference to the “Dark Side” stated that it is related to the villainous side of the “Star Wars” series of Hollywood.

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Saudi citizenship to ‘Robot Sophia’ sparks outrage


Riyadh : The world’s first robot, Robot Sophia bestowed with citizenship of Saudi Arabia, is currently under controversy. In the conference held in Saudi Arabia last week, the ’Humanoid Robot’ ‘Sophia’ was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia. At that time, she had pledged to work for the welfare of mankind; however, it has come to the fore that she had made a controversial statement one and half year ago that she would destroy humans. Meanwhile, analyst, international researcher and renowned businessman Elon Musk has strongly condemned Sophia’s citizenship.

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Spiralling levels of debt may trigger global economic crisis, warns outgoing German finance minister

Berlin: The outgoing German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, gave serious indications saying that the Central Banks like the European Reserve Bank and the US Federal Reserve have been attempting to inject trillions of dollars into the financial markets. Their attempts are giving rise to the formation of ‘new bubbles‘ which in itself is an invitation for the crisis to deepen. As a context to Schaeuble‘s warning The International Monetary Fund has released a report wherein all the prominent leaders of the World are warned and advised to keep in mind that the process of restoring the economy may not last long.  

global economic crisis

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Electric Car revolution could slump oil prices to 10 dollars, warns a British analyst


Landon: Chris Watling, a British analyst, warned about the drop oil prices to 10 dollars per barrel in next few years. He said that, “Development in electric cars will cause significant events around the world. As 70 percent of all the crude oil produced is used for transportation. We cannot forget that approximately 120 years ago the world was not dependent on oil. Oil is not a commodity to drive the global economy all the time. Development if alternate energy has gained tremendous momentum changing and things are changing quickly.” 

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Jack Ma, leading Chinese tycoon to invest $15 bn in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and future technology


Beijing: Jack Ma, World’s leading Chinese businessman and the owner of ‘Alibaba Group’ Company, has decided that in the coming years to invest to the tune of $ 15 billion, in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and other futuristic technical knowhow. This was announced recently by the Alibaba Group at a conference held in China. Only last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin had made a claim that whosoever becomes a leader in the field of artificial intelligence would rule the entire world. Hence, against this background, the leading Chinese Company, making an announcement of this nature is certainly eye-catching.

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