Udi sailed me through!

- Bhau Padu Kadu 

It was Thursday, September 24, 2009. I returned from my morning walk, as usual, around 6 am. As I stepped out of the bathroom after my shower, I felt suffocated. Naturally, it made me feel uncomfortable. I moved under the ceiling fan. After sitting there for about 10-15 minutes, I felt much better.

But an hour or so later, I felt uncomfortable again and also a bit scared. I began sweating and felt shortness of breath. So, I informed my son and got myself admitted to a hospital. The doctor on duty did a thorough check-up after which he prescribed and began supplying supplemental oxygen to me. Since I felt better on Thursday and Friday, he discontinued the oxygen therapy.

However, around 4 am on Saturday, I began to experience difficulty in breathing. The doctor started supplying supplemental oxygen to me at about 6 am, but I did not find relief. The discomfort had only increased.

All my family members were worried and made arrangements to move me to another hospital. The doctor checked me one more time and gave me another tablet. I insisted to my family members to not change the hospital. I kept telling them that I couldn't travel beyond Panvel in that condition. Nevertheless, they said the dispensary was closed for the next two days, i.e., on Monday and Tuesday. We had no choice but to move to another facility. I was not sure at all if I would survive the stress of shifting. So as to not create a panic situation, I kept insisting that they ought to not move me to another hospital.

While talking to them, I put my hand in my pocket to take out my handkerchief. To my surprise, as I pulled out the handkerchief, I laid my hands on our Bapu's Udi. At that moment, I felt as if the Udi was my Bapu's prasad, and I consumed some Udi immediately and drank water over it. Later, my family members completed all the discharge formalities for moving me to another hospital. The doctor had sent an oxygen cylinder as well as a doctor and a nurse in the ambulance. In about 10-15 minutes after the ambulance began to move, I began to feel much better. The Udi had done its work!

From that moment on, I have been just fine. Bapu, I bow a thousand times at your lotus feet!