Those Who Surrender to Him, Receive Salvation

- Chitra Valanj, Bhiwandi

They say one has to face several calamities based on one's fate. However, if one has surrendered at the lotus feet of Shree Aniruddha, one would not have to bear the burden of one's destiny on one's shoulders. Our Sadguru carries it for us effortlessly.

On Thursday, December 10, 2009, our family experienced Bapu's grace and blessings in a significant way. Through this experience, we were assured of his constant protection towards us.

As per my daily chores, I was preparing my son's lunch box. Once that was done, I began to fill his water bottle. Before I could understand anything, the gas regulator caught fire, and in no time, the fire started to spread. My saree had caught fire as well. I was aghast and began to call out to Bapu. My two daughters and husband woke up on hearing me scream. My husband saved me from the engulfing flames, and then we informed everyone from the building to vacate the premises right away. Everyone left the building and began attempting to control the fire. Someone called the fire brigade, and some others called the gas agency. During this time, the cylinder regulator was on fire for almost 15-20 minutes. Since we could not think of any other means to put off the fire, my husband poured water on the gas cylinder. The fire was not under control at all. We were witnessing the flames that had engulfed my kitchen and could see those from downstairs. I was continually calling on to Bapu to save my home from the inferno.

In the nick of time, without worrying about his safety, a gas cylinder delivery person entered our kitchen. The fire was not contained in spite of his intense efforts to do so. In the end, he soaked a piece of cloth in water and pressed it against the cylinder regulator. After some time, the fire was brought under control. We were relieved when we were informed about the development. After some time, we went up to the apartment and were surprised to see that not a single thing in the kitchen was damaged. All those who visited us were surprised to see the miracle.

In spite of having several flammable things in and around the kitchen, not a single item was damaged. This was nothing less than a miracle! We were in the jaws of death, it was predestined, but it was my Sadguru Bapu who saved us from a major catastrophe. He protected all of our lives. Let his grace and blessings always be with us is my humble submission at his lotus feet!