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French President Macron’s proposal for ‘European Army’ is an insult considering US subsidies to NATO: President Trump

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DR Congo witnesses worst-ever Ebola outbreak, claims more than 200 lives

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Commandos, former army personnel allegedly involved in ‘Day X’ assassination plot targeting prominent German politicians

Hamas launches heavy rocket attacks over Israel; Israel counterstrikes with air raids

Israeli Defence Minister resigns calling Israel’s ceasefire with Hamas as “surrendering to terror”

By stepping up the military deployment of ground forces and tanks near the Gaza border, Israel had shown signs of a massive response against Hamas’s rocket attacks. A major conflict was, therefore, being predicted given the developments. However, despite the continuous attacks from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli security committee announced a ceasefire on Tuesday afternoon to everyone’s surprise.

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Guided bullets, exoskeleton, killer insects, space warplanes: US military to have DARPA’s sci-fi weapons

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North Korea tests new ‘Ultramodern Tactical weapon’ despite denuclearisation promises; strong reaction expected from US

highlights-of-the-week-from-third-world-war-websiteSeoul – After assurances of stopping the development of nuclear weapons and missiles, North Korea has now announced to have tested an ultramodern tactical weapon. The weapon was tested in the presence of the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The North Korean regime has claimed that the tactical weapons would prove to be a ‘wall of steel’ for the nation. A few days ago, US think tank had alleged that the North Korean underground missile bases were still operational.

In the month of June, the US President had initiated talks with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for negotiations at the Singapore Summit. During the summit, the US felt confident about North Korea conforming to Trump’s denuclearisation demands. North Korea also responded positively in line to the US statement by destroying its nuclear testing base and lowering its deployment at its borders. Nevertheless, its covert activities have come to the fore in the past few weeks.

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Indian PM visits Maldives to attend swearing-in of newly elected President

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Nearly 30,000 Afghan soldiers killed in war since 2015: President Ashraf Ghani

During his election campaign, Donald Trump had announced that he would recall the military from Afghanistan if he was elected as the President. Nevertheless, after coming to power, Trump had to change his stance. He said that the picture appears different from the President’s office and that he had accepted the inevitability of the Afghanistan war against terrorists. After that, the US military increased the scope of their operations in the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Even so, a significant rise in the incidents of the Taliban targeting the Afghani military and security agencies was also observed in the same period.

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