'The Third World War' book and present situation

Hari Om, 

Many countries across the world are holding China responsible for today's dire consequences that the world is facing. 

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Here, our memories go way back to March 2006, to the article series authored by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi titled, 'Third World War' that was published in the Dainik Pratyaksha. Later, in December 2006, on the day of Datta Jayanti, the article collection was published in the form of a book by the same name - the 'Third World War'.

In the preface of the book, Dr. Aniruddha writes, "In the coming times, the equation of today might not be valid tomorrow and what was valid at seven in the morning, might be flung right out of the window after its purpose is served, and at five minutes past seven".

Turkey, a NATO member state, continued to be friends with Russia for some time even after downing a Russian fighter jet. However, today, their ties have soured again. In addition to it, Turkey has also distanced itself from the United States. This single example is enough to highlight the reality that the above words present. In the book, the 'Third World War', Dr. Aniruddha writes, "However, in today's times the aerial warfare has taken the battle as close as the yard of the civilian home and so it is not just the soldier but also the civilian, who participates in war. Moreover, poisonous gases, biological bombs (the spread of germs) and the capacity to cause tremendous synthetic rain and marshy, mucky land (like the U.S.A. did in Vietnam), etc. hampers to a very large extent, even the everyday affairs of the people and causes them to become insecure".

Dr. Aniruddha further writes, "More than ninety percent of the people, not only of India but of every country in the world, can base their contemplation over war, the political reasons behind the war as also the realization of these on just bare minimum of information. However, it is these very people, who have not only to suffer but to withstand hundred percent of the consequences of war".

In one of the chapters in the book, Dr. Aniruddha has written, "When war becomes prolonged, it is the test of the national leadership and of the people. Ordinarily speaking, the common citizen is not able to withstand for long the misery and the wretched conditions born as a consequence of war. The nation that possesses tremendous strength to withstand the labour, the pain of war, is a strong nation in the true sense of the word". 

One particular section of this book, 'Modern weaponry and its impact - 5', talks specifically about Biological war. Here, Dr. Aniruddha says, "Thus, once the kind of a biological attack takes place, the disease keeps spreading from one place to another and the outcome could more devastating than that of an atom bomb. Literally billions of people could be afflicted with disease knocking down in consequence, the social and economic backbone of the nation". 

In the same preface, Dr. Aniruddha has also written, "The calendar is released every once in a year because there is definite kind of mathematical formula and construction involved. The calendar of the coming 'Third World War' is, however, going to be a new one every day. 

Back in the year 2006, in the same book, he also wrote, "the world war whose 'drumbeat' has already begun to fall on our ears will directly involve at least 90 nations and the rest will be associated with war, but more or less indirectly". 

In 2006, when the book was published, many had thought whether all that is written would really come true. Commenting on the same, Dr. Aniruddha has said, "This is a study, a study of history and of the present circumstances. This is research, research of the intent of the various characters on the stage of the world. In the next twenty years, a thousand occurrences will happen and literally in a hundred different places and that is one fact that every wise and studious thinker is aware of".

Today, amid the horrific global state of affairs, all countries are eyeing China with suspicion, are considering every happening as a part of 'Third World War' and are holding China entirely responsible for it. 

In the book mentioned above, Dr. Aniruddha has clearly written, "A triad (China, Pakistan and North Korea) that could prove troublesome to the entire world (especially the U.S.A.) has emerged. Once the fourth partner joins it, this evil triad is bound to push the entire world into the jaws of war. The fourth partner could be Iran, it could be Germany or even Syria". 

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