The Success Story of PPE kits in India

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China and spread globally has caught almost all nations of the world unprepared and quite understandably so. India is one of the few countries which has so far kept the curve somewhat flattened.

It is mainly due to the opting for a national lockdown and the hard work of government and medical personnel. However, apart from it, Indian innovation also is playing a key role in it. Let us take the example of PPE kits.

When the virus started to spread in India, the country was not into the manufacturing of PPE kits. However, in just two months, India has taken its PPE kit production from 0 to 2 lakhs/day. What pushed India to take this leap was the requirement of the PPE kits to fight the COVID war which stood at staggering two crores.

Hence, the government decided to identified domestic manufacturers who were ready to diversify. They began from scratch and recently India recorded the highest single-day production of 2.06 lakh PPE kits. The PPE kit includes a mask, eye shield, shoe covers, gown and gloves to be used by the doctors and other 'Corona Warriors'. This figure is a vital success in the war against the virus. An interesting example is of the remote area of Sagwara in Rajasthan where locals are engaged at making PPE kits to help the nation fight the Corona War. There are many such instances.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic is a global catastrophe, this example highlights that with the principle of 'Indian Jugaad' of 'opportunity in adversity', together we will win the Corona War.