The Special, the Astonishing & the Peculiar

Every anniversary issue of Daily Pratyaksha has seen a unique theme, selected by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu), its Executive Editor, being covered in great detail, with its multifarious facets being systematically analysed and presented to the readers. The past two years’ Anniversary Special issues of Pratyaksha have been on yet another unique theme, "The Special, the Astonishing & the Peculiar". The fact that it has been covered in two consecutive Anniversary issues, itself underlines its importance.Special-Astonishing-peculiar

While conducting a meeting on this topic, Bapu said "The universe is so richly diverse! This abundant fortune of the universe appears at times, special and at others, incredible. Then, there are yet other times when it’s astonishing peculiarity, we feel, is also an essential part of its unique wonder. "

The immense progress in technology has caused a boom, in fact an explosion of information, one that we experience practically every hour. News and all sorts of information slam onto us and all the time. At the receiving end of this constant onslaught we tend to overlook 'the special, the astonishing and the peculiar' around us. So, to highlight the significance of such information and news, the central theme of 'Dainik Pratyaksha' is indeed 'the special, the astonishing and the peculiar'.

As you know, the news about the disappearance of the Malaysian Airliner MH 370 hit us among so many more mystifying ones like it. As a matter of fact, these occurrences appear to have increased in intensity and scope. It becomes all the more important, therefore, to explore further, "the special, the astonishing and the peculiar" that happen all around us. (source : Anniversary brochure)

Both the special issues of the 'Dainik Prtayaksha' received an overwhelming response from the readers. Thus, for the benefit of the Shraddhavans residing in India and outside India, who cannot read and understand Marathi or those who could not get a copy of the anniversary issues, I am starting a series on my blog named 'the Special, the Astonishing and the Peculiar'. I am going to share with every Shraddhavaan friend, selected and edited articles translated in English which were published in these two special issues.

Tomorrow, the first article in this series would be published, named 'Hindi Cinema: Special, Enthralling and weird as well'

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