The Golden Train’s Tunnel - PART 5

In the year 2013, media was abuzz with discussions about this train. Finally, Pope Francis instructed to investigate whether there was any relation between the Nazi’s gold and the Vatican City. Therefore, once the golden train is found, a huge chaos is expected as to who is the true heir to this gold.

It goes without saying that a small country like Poland cannot manage this much amount of gold. The Russians are already laying a claim the 'Amber Room' which is believed to be inside the train. It is even impossible to ignore the claim put forward by the ‘World Jews Congress’. Another question of who will pay the 10% to Richter and Koper, the duo who have claimed their share also arises. But this all may happen only if they find gold in the train. If something else is discovered, then not only Richter and Koper, but also some others may claim for it. According to some investigators, there might be noxious chemicals instead of gold in the train. These investigators have warned that there can be containers holding lethal agents. So, it is better to leave the train underground. If it is taken out, then various problems are expected to arise. Keeping this possibility in mind, the Government of Poland had given strict instructions to the investigators.


The Government of Poland has instructed that the drilling work in that area should be upto 10 meters only. This might be concerned with the fear of chemicals. Thus, experts in chemicals, radiations and explosives were appointed where this operation was carried out. The Poland had already taken the precautionary steps in case of any emergencies.

Since childhood, we hear interesting stories regarding hidden treasures. ‘Treasure caskets which include gold, silver or precious ornaments. The one who will find it will be a wealthy man. But this treasure is guarded by deadly, poisonous snakes who show their fangs to those who try to grab it. It is impossible to seize this treasure from them.’ We have either read or heard such fascinating stories. While relating to the information about the golden train, the warnings associated to the chemical issues are supposedly increasing the suspense around it.

This hasn’t been stated by any researcher as of yet, but what can one do if the train carries the gold as well as any material which can prove fatal? Will the ones who claim the gold hold the Nazis responsible and put their hands up in air? Or will the Poland government be blamed for the destruction caused by these chemicals while the others get away with the gold? Will the two researchers, Richter and Koper claim their 10% over the chemicals too? Many such inquisitive questions have been emerging since then. We might even get solutions to these as the time passes by. For last few days, scientists have declared of nipping the ambiguity about this train. "There are tunnels in Walbrzych, but there isn’t any ‘golden train’ as such", they claim. According to the scientists, these tunnels are filled up only with air. But it is difficult to say whether anybody would be willing to agree to this statement. They state that if there is only air in the tunnels, then why do our sensors detect that there is something else too? This question was raised by Koper.


Additionally, why did people sacrifice their lives to either safeguard the secret or by trying to disclose this mystery if these tunnels were considered empty? This question too, definitely remains. If there wasn’t a thing here, people wouldn’t have given it so much importance. Furthermore, there wasn’t even a need of threatening or menacing the ones who tried to expose the mystery.

Even if the scientists’ reports are considered to be true, there are people around the world who find the story of the ‘golden train’ very thrilling. And factually, even we have joined the club now!

The End

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