The Dainik Pratyaksha – The New Year Issue - 2014

India consists for the most part, in the population of the young. Alongside this phenomenon is proportionately on the rise, the influence of the social media that is immensely popular with the youth. Moreover, the number of netizens is soaring in leaps of millions making it impossible to curb the increasing influence of the social media.

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This medium, this platform that technology makes increasingly expansive and comprehensive by the day, is now reigning over the world and holding sway over it, so much so that its influence is now not only evident but also inevitable in every walk of life.

And therefore as responsible citizens, it is time we handled this medium with a tremendous potential in a more thoughtful, more innovative and of course more responsible appropriate and mature manner.

And precisely therefore, we bring you on 1st January 2014, the New Year Issue of the Dainik Pratyaksha that has for its central theme...

The Social Media –Appropriate and Mature Use


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