Tensions rise in Middle East in the background of power transition in US

Terror attack on Iranian oil tanker destined for Syria, claims Syrian Prime Minister

Tehran: Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous accused that a terror attack was carried out on an Iranian oil tanker carrying oil to Syria, in the Red Sea marine region. The Syrian Prime Minister has not held anyone responsible for this attack. 

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10 Russia-backed fighters killed in ISIS attack; Russia sends 300 troops to Al-Hasakah

Damascus: – The Russian military deployed in Syria has intensified its attacks on the IS terrorists. Whereas, 10 Russia supporter soldiers were killed in the IS retaliatory attack. With this attack, the conflict between Russia and the IS terrorists has flared up again.

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Iran fires long-range missiles in the Indian Ocean

Washington: – Iran tested missiles with a strike range of 1,000 miles. One of these missiles landed at a distance of 20 miles from a commercial freight ship in the Indian Ocean. Whereas, as informed by a US news agency, the other missile landed just within 100 miles of US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

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Iran is the new home for Al Qaeda terrorists, accuses US State Secretary

Washington: – Iran is fast becoming the new home for the Al Qaeda terrorists. US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo accused that action against Al Qaeda terrorists is becoming difficult, as they are all holed up in Iran. In 2015, following the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran there was an improvement in the relations between Iran and Al Qaeda.

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