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Teleportation & Dr. Nikola Tesla - Part 1

The popular American science fiction series, ‘Star Trek’ telecasted since the 1960’s had shown a very unique and a weird technology. It showed few people entering and standing in a cabin of a spaceship. Later a machine would be switched-on and with this, within no time these people used to vanish. Also further they would be shown to appear in some spaceship other than their own or at some totally different location. This was what is referred as ‘Teleportation’ and these people were said to be ‘teleported from one place to the other’. Many of us would feel astonished about this but have we ever thought whether this abstract scientific idea would really be true or even be existent?




As mentioned in the last article inexplicable things had taken place wherever Dr. Nikola Tesla was involved. But in many of those things, Dr. Tesla practiced water-tight secrecy and even avoided taking any patent. It is believed that using electricity Dr. Tesla had made the startling discovery of the way to bend the ‘Spacetime’. This discovery leads to another baffling discovery that of ‘Teleportation’.  

Conspiracy theorists like Andrew Basiago, Alfred Bielek, many websites and even movies mention about a very ambitious US Navy project-based of Dr. Tesla’s technologies. This project was known as the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ or ‘Project Rainbow’.


Andrew Basiago


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Publicly Philadelphia Experiment was an attempt to create a ship that could not be detected by radar or magnetic sea mines. But some theorists believe that it was a project that was supposed to make naval ships invisible and teleport them. It was meant to be used in the World War II to allow naval vessels to change their locations while at war at lightning speed and without any detection.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was appointed as a Director of this project. Dr. Tesla was given everything that was required by him for the testing this project. An empty Navy battleship was specifically allotted to Dr. Tesla on which the experiments were to be carried. The first test of teleportation occurred in the year 1940 when the entire ship with no sailors on board vanished from normal human view. This test was declared as a full success. During the experiment, two large Tesla coils were placed on the hull of the ship. The coils were turned on in a special sequence and their electromagnetic force was so powerful that they bent the gravity or the Spacetime. This allowed the entire ship to teleport from its location.



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