Teleportation & Dr. Nikola Tesla - Part 2

Dr. Nikola Tesla began to have doubts about the safety of the experiment. Dr. Tesla thought this particular project to be far too dangerous for the human beings and hence decided a completely unique way to disclose the dangers of the project.

We have already seen that Dr. Nikola Tesla had publicly claimed that he was in regular contact with the intelligent beings from outer space (Extra-terrestrials). With this, Dr. Tesla stated that humans may have to face a serious problem if anyone were to enter the ship during the teleportation experiment. The strong electromagnetic radiation would damage them within this reality. He further said that the Extra-terrestrial beings had confirmed that there would be a serious problem with the experiment.

Dr. Nikola Tesla tried his best to deter the US Navy from conducting this experiment on humans aboard the ship. Dr. Tesla wanted to clarify this before any further experiments would begin. However, the US Navy rejected it and ordered that under any circumstances, they have to go ahead with the experiment and that they want immediate results. After getting this response from US Navy Dr. Tesla quietly took further steps before the next experiment took place, He detuned the equipment so nothing would work and thus the second test failed. Later, Dr. Tesla resigned in March 1942 and left the project.

This experiment was supposed to be based on Dr. Nikola Tesla’s ‘Unified Field Theory’. Dr. Tesla claimed to have completed work on ‘Unified Field Theory’ in the year 1943, just before he left this world. However, his theories were never published. Conspiracy theorists acknowledge that much of Dr. Tesla's research papers were seized by the FBI immediately after his death. This fact also highlights the coincidence between the year of his passing away and the proposed date of the actual Philadelphia Experiment.

Immediately after passing away of Dr. Nikola Tesla, US Navy resumed the Philadelphia Project. During October of 1943, the USS Eldridge – a US Navy ship on which testing was to be carried was released into the Philadelphia Bay. The ship was having many crew members aboard, unaware of the fact that a test for teleportation was being carried out. But the observers who were aware of the experiment were making minute notations of the whole test and were awaiting the results holding their breaths back.


Teleportation & Dr. Nikola Tesla
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When the actual test began, the Tesla coils were charged-up. This created a strong electromagnetic field around the ship which began increasing in strength and extended as far as 100 yards out from the ship in all directions, forming a large sphere. A greenish fog then appeared around the ship. To the astonishment of the observers shortly the entire ship vanished from the view. USS Eldridge had not only vanished from the view of the observers in Philadelphia but it had completely vanished from the Philadelphia Bay all together!

The ship had been instantly teleported several hundreds of miles from Philadelphia to Norfolk Bay, Virginia. After a few minutes, the ship once again vanished from Norfolk and returned to Philadelphia. To the US Navy, the test had succeeded beyond their dreams. Not only had they rendered a ship invisible to radar, they had made it optically vanish as well, also the ship was teleported hundreds of miles in a matter of minutes.

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But soon after that, they realized the dangerous effects this test had on the crew members aboard the ship. The test had managed to render the entire ship 'out of phase' with the surrounding universe, which is why it was able to travel from Philadelphia to Norfolk instantly. This phasing effect had a drastic consequence on the crew members. Astonishingly during the experiment, the crew members found they could pass through solid objects. When the experiment was turned off, a few sailors were found embedded in ship’s metallic structures. Few went mad and a few disappeared in some days after the experiment. Seeing the horrible after-effects of the experiment, the Navy discontinued all further research into radar and optical invisibility and the Philadelphia project was closed.

In 1942 Dr. Nikola Tesla was an 87-year old man. But a look at the above story vividly illustrates his unshakeable faith in the Almighty and His divine principles. He had the guts to say “No” to the mighty US Navy and their most important project. Dr. Tesla had always believed that no technology should become harmful for mankind.

This greatest scientist, who for his whole life strived tirelessly for the progress of mankind did not allow compromise of his own ideals and divine principles even at age of 87. This is what starkly highlights the greatness of Dr. Nikola Tesla. He single-handedly stood against all the evil just because he knew that what they were doing was wrong and was against the interest of mankind.

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