Syria: The war black hole that is pulling in nations

Israel fires 9 missiles on Damascus and Homs in Syria, claims Syrian regime-backed media


Damascus: Israeli fighter jets fired 9 missiles on the military bases at Damascus and Homs in Syria, on Tuesday. However, the Syrian government media has claimed that all these missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defence systems. The Syrian media alleged that this was the second attack by Israel on Syrian military bases in the last eight days. As per reports from Syrian government media, missiles were fired on the Shayrat airbase in Homs early in the morning. 

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UN Mission visiting to investigate Syrian chemical attack, attacked in Douma


Damascus: The Mission from the ‘Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ (OPCW) investigating the chemical attack used in Douma in Syria was attacked. Although, the Mission has escaped the attack, there can be serious repercussions. Syria and Russia had to face severe criticism as the Syrian government refused permission for OPCW officials to enter Douma. The western countries alleged that the Syrian government is trying to destroy the evidence of these chemical attacks in Douma.

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20 killed in the blast at Aleppo Iranian base in Syria- Israel is a suspect


Aleppo: A blast has been reported at the Aleppo Iranian military base only within few hours of the United States-UK-France missile attacks, The blast was at the Iranian ‘Jabal Azzan’ military base in Aleppo and as per the reports, 20 people including an Iranian army officer have been killed. A few Arab and Israeli medias claimed that this blast was a result of an Israeli air attack. This is the second incident of an Israeli attack on an Iranian military base in Syria in the past seven days.

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Jordan and United States carry out joint military exercises on the background of Syrian conflict

Amman: While the fire of the US attack on Syria is still ablaze, signs of an emerging new conflict are already being felt. While on one hand, Russia and Iran were preparing to retaliate against the United States attacks on Syria, the United States had also warned of maintaining a level of readiness. As part of this, a joint military exercise ‘Eager Lion’ has started in Jordan near the southern Syrian border and 4000 US soldiers are part of the exercise.


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US missiles are locked and loaded if Chemical Weapons are used in Syria again, threatens Nikki Haley, US envoy to UN


United Nations: “The message that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad Government in Syria will not be tolerated, must have been well received after Saturday’s attacks. But if the Syrian army used the chemical weapons again, the United States missiles too are ‘locked and loaded’, warned Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Haley further said, ‘The United States President Donald Trump had already decided the red line for the Assad government’.

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US soldiers in Syria should be replaced by joint Arab Military Forces: US President Donald Trump


Washington: The duration of the United States military deployment in Syria is increasing and large amount of funds are being spent for that. President Trump has expressed concern over this. ‘The Arab joint forces should accept the Syrian responsibility and also raise funds for it,’ appealed President Trump. This appeal by President Trump is an indicator of the new United States policy about Syria. It is said that the newly appointed National Security Advisor, John Bolton is working to bring this plan into reality.

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Israel is free to enter the Syrian airspace for action, warns Israeli Defence Minister


Jerusalem: ‘Israel does not pay heed to any limits when its security is in question. Israel has total freedom of action to enter the Syrian airspace,’ warned the Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Russia had criticised the Israeli air attack on the Iranian military base in Syria. Israeli Defence Minister seems to have made this claim in reply to Russia’s criticism. Israeli Defence Minister Lieberman denied any disagreement between Israel and Russia, while talking to a news agency. 

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Indian Prime Minister holds telephonic conversation with the Russian President


New Delhi : World War may probably flare up between the United States and Russia any moment following the Syrian chemical attacks. Under these circumstances, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a prolonged telephonic conversation. It is being said that the discussion was held on further strengthening of the special strategic cooperation of both the countries. However, the details of this conversation have not been disclosed.

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Russia isolated once again in UN Security Council over resolution condemning US attack on Syria

United Nations: Russia moved a resolution against the attacks on Syria by the United States, the UK and France in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). But the permanent members of the Security Council, the United States, the UK and France dismissed the resolution. China also refused to take the Russian side against these three countries. Therefore, Russia was seen to have been isolated in the Security Council.


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US Ambassador to the UN announces new sanctions against Russia for covering up the Syrian regime


Washington: ‘The United States will announce new sanctions against Russia and the companies which support the Assad government and have been aiding the chemical attacks. The new sanctions will be announced in the next few hours,’ declared Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Haley warned, ‘If Russia does not change its stance about the Syrian government, it will be boycotted by the international community.’ The United States has warned Russia, which backs the Assad regime, after targeting the chemical weapons manufacturing facilities in Syria.

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Russia will carry out aggressive cyberattacks, warns UK


London: The UK issued a serious warning saying that Russia had completed its preparation to retaliate against the United States- UK-France attacks on Syria and will carry out big and aggressive cyberattacks. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that ‘after reviewing the history of the Russian cyberattacks on other countries in the past, the possibility cannot be ruled out’. Senior British experts and former British Navy Chief Admiral Lord West have endorsed the warning issued by Johnson.

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Russia-Iran prepare to increase ‘Oil for Goods’ cooperation


Moscow: Russia and Iran have increased the scope of the ‘Oil for Goods’ cooperation to $45 billion, finishing the trade based on the US Dollar. This announcement was made by Russian Energy Minister ‘Alexander Novak’. Novak said that this decision was taken after the first phase, of supply of goods in exchange for fuel, was completed successfully. Russia and Iran have a longstanding cooperation. In spite of the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies, Russia had signed trade and military agreements with Iran.

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Russia’s supply of S-300 anti-missile system to Syria concerns Israel


Jerusalem : Russia has prepared to supply ‘S-300’ air defence system to Syria facing air strikes from the United States, France, Britain and Israel. Though not much information on the deal is being disclosed, a former Israeli army official has claimed it to be a cause of concern for Israel’s security. Expressing a sharp disapproval over the air strikes on Syria last week, Russia had warned the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin had also warned of robust response if further air strikes occur on Syria.

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25 Syrian soldiers killed in the IS attack, Iraq launches air strikes on IS in Syria

Beirut: 25 Syrian soldiers were killed in an attack by the IS terrorists. IS attack was carried out in the ‘Mayadin’ city in the ‘Deir Ez-Zor’ province of Syria. The Human Rights Organisation has expressed concerns about the re-emergence of this terrorist organisation in Syria. Last year in October, the Syrian army had gained control over the region to the west of Euphrates river in the ‘Deir Ez-Zor’ province. The Syrian army had resorted to air attacks to oust the IS terrorists from the region. Subsequently, the Syrian army had built its bases in the region.


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