South China Sea issue deepens, Pakistan's condition worsens, Afghanistan's threats over Central Asia and other news

China & Vietnam to resolve their differences over the South China Sea through bilateral talks

South China Sea

Beijing : “China and Vietnam should resolve their dispute over the South China Sea through discussions,” appealed Xi Jinping, the Chinese President after his meeting with Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Vietnamese Prime Minister. Nguyen in turn stated that his government in power since July, would have China on its list of priorities in its foreign policy.

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Despite Pakistan’s atrocities the Balochistan freedom fight intensifies


New Delhi/Quetta/Melbourne : After the Indian Prime Minster raised the issue of Balochistan, a petrified Pakistan has started enormous atrocities on the people of Baluchistan. A strong reaction has emerged from the Balochi population, from not only those based in Karachi which is known to be the financial capital of Pakistan but also the Balochi people residing across the globe have raised their voice against these atrocities. Balochi activists are gravely accusing Pakistan of repeating atrocities in Baluchistan as it did in Bangladesh in 1971.

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Pakistan sinking deeper in debt – Economists sound an alarm

Pakistan sinking deeper in debt – Economists sound an alarm

Islamabad : Asian Development Bank (ADB) has offered a loan of 5.9 billion dollars to Pakistan. Pakistan has asked for an 800 million dollar loan for its energy sector. Till the month of May 2016, the total debt burden on Pakistan has gone up to 1340.30 billion dollars, of which 58.34 billion dollars are in the form of overseas borrowings. Responsible economists in the country are sounding alarm that in the coming days, Pakistan will find it more and more difficult to repay the interest on the loan which it has taken at steep interest rates and that it will sink deeper in the debt.

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Government sets Rs. 56,500 crore as disinvestment target for FY17


New Delhi : The Central Government aims to raise Rs. 56,000 crore through disinvestment for the current financial year.

In the last financial year, the Government aimed to raise Rs. 69,500 crore in disinvestment for development of infrastructure. But, only Rs. 25,312 crore were managed to be collected during year.

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Will close transit route for Pakistan and Central Asia, threatens Afghanistan


Kabul : Pakistan has closed the Wagha Port for the Afghani businessmen/traders which generated a strong reaction from Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani threatened Pakistan to shut the transit route which connects Pakistan to Central Asia. He also clarified that they do not necessarily depend on Pakistan alone for trade and have other countries.

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