Some unusual and offbeat geopolitical news

Former US President George HW Bush passes away

Houston: Former US President, George Bush Senior expired due to old age at 94. George Bush has been recorded in history as an effective President with a significant contribution to the US victory in the Cold War and ordering an attack on Saddam Hussain’s Iraq in 1991. President Trump said in his condolence message that George Bush provided an able leadership to the United States during the crucial phases of the Cold War.

George Bush breathed his last in the Houston city of the United States. Since the last few months, his health was deteriorating, and moreover, he had also been reported dead earlier once. But his son and former President, George Bush Junior declared that the news was incorrect. Barbara, the wife of George Bush senior, passed away in April this year after which there was further deterioration in his health.

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Palestinian cause is ‘Islamic,’ but must be marketed as ‘humanitarian’, plan by extremist leaders in the United States

New Jersey: “Although our cause is Islamic, when we market and present it to people, I believe that it should be presented as a ‘humanitarian cause to garner everybody’s support,” said an American Islamic Imam in the United States. A person by the name Imam Sa’id Elkasaby was explaining his plan at a ‘Workshop for Palestine’ organised in New Jersey.

The program was held two weeks ago, but the video has been released now. Various speakers presented their thoughts about how to resolve the Palestine issue. One of the extremist leaders said that Israel will cease to exist within next fifty years. Another speaker appealed for efforts to stop the assistance provided by the United States to Israel. However, Elkasaby presented his stand while speaking at this occasion.

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Rising public discontent forces German agencies to initiate massive campaign against criminal Arab gangs

Berlin: The local administration has taken a decision to act against the 20 odd criminal Arab gangs in Germany that have established a network of violence and crime. Till date, the German agencies had ignored the activities of these gangs giving them an opportunity to expand their operations. But in the last few months, the public opinion seems to have flared up against these migrant criminals. The German citizens are accusing the German political leadership of systematically turning a blind eye towards this. Therefore, the local administration is forced to take an action against this organised crime.

The citizens from the Middle East countries started immigrating to Germany in the decade of 1970s-80s, in view of the raging conflicts in their homelands. These were majorly Muslims from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algiers. 

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Massacre the Jews and take over Jerusalem; Imam Okasha incites the Gaza public

Gaza: Imam Ahmed Okasha, a religious preacher from the Gaza Strip, made a provocative statement saying, ‘Jerusalem should be captured only after the massacre of the Jewish people.’ Only a day before this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned that the extremists in the Gaza Strip had declared a Jihad against Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister had also expressed anguish that some western leaders were deliberately ignoring this reality.

Imam Ahmed Okasha issued an inciting statement which said, ‘Jihad in Palestine is the most important Jihad in the world. There is no dispute over this. Jews have acquired the land which belonged to the Muslims. Therefore, Jerusalem which is in the hands of the Jews has to be taken over only after the massacre of these Jewish people.

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US cannot afford to withdraw from cooperation with Saudi; US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Washington: The United States has made the preparations to supply missile defence system worth $15 billion. A few leaders and media from the United States are demanding that the United States should not provide any cooperation to the Saudi royal family that has manoeuvred the killing of journalist Khashoggi. But US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out that in the absence of concrete proofs, it will not be affordable for the United States to withdraw from cooperation with Saudi.

The Trump administration announced supply of the advanced Thad missile defence system to Saudi Arabia saying that Saudi is an important Arab ally of the United States in the Gulf. President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman had the final discussions regarding the transaction over the telephone.

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Japan to purchase 100 F-35 fighter jets from the US

Beijing: After adopting an aggressive defence strategy over the last few years, Japan has increased movements to purchase 100 F-25 Stealth fighter jets from the United States. As per information, Japan will be entering into an agreement worth USD 9 billion for this purpose. Japan has already decided to buy 42 F-35 fighter jets from the United States. A Japanese daily claimed that this purchase of 100 F-35 fighter jets by Japan would prove to be a deterrent for the increasing Chinese military influence in East Asia.

Defence-related policy announcement is expected to be made in the Japanese parliament in the near future. In the new policy, the Abe government has decided to sign deals worth billions of dollars with the United States, for the supply of defence equipment While talking to a local daily, an official connected with the Japanese defence department informed that Japan would be purchasing the most advanced F-35s from the United States.

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China to build a robotic colony in the South China Sea

Beijing: China who is posing a challenge to the United States with its rapid advances in the defence sector, has prepared to create a colony for the robotic submarines in the South China Sea. The Chinese officials have claimed that this robotic colony being built at the bottom of the South China Sea, will assist in research as well as defence. The artificial islands constructed by China in this region and their militarisation has already become a cause of tension in the region. With this Chinese robotic colony, the tensions can increase multi-fold.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping who has acquired control over the Chinese defence forces visited the Hainan region in the South China Sea a few weeks ago. President Jinping had said while talking to the scientists there, that China will have to create a way to reach the bottom of the South China Sea.

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Restless over developing ties between Israel and Arab states, Palestine pushes for Arab League session

Ramallah/Jerusalem: The Palestinian government in the West Bank is becoming restless with the developing cooperation between Israel and the Arab countries. Fearing that the issues of independent Palestine and East Jerusalem will be disposed of if Arab-Muslim countries develop cooperation with Israel, Palestine has called for an urgent meeting of the ‘Arab League’ and ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’.

Idriss Deby, President of Chad in Africa, is on a visit to Israel where he met the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During this visit, the President of Chad appealed to Israel to improve relations with the Islamic countries Sudan, Mali and Niger in the African continent. At the same time, Deby requested Israel’s assistance to tackle the IS problem in Chad

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US should have its own ‘worldwide network’ to counter CNN’s unfair and false portrayal: President Donald Trump

Moscow: US President Donald Trump fired a salvo of criticism at CNN saying, ‘The CNN news channel is projecting the wrong and inappropriate image of the United States, all over the world. The United States needs an independent worldwide network to counter it.’ Therefore, it indicates an official US channel launching very soon. President Trump has levelled serious accusations against the US media of publishing fake news and partisanship even in the past. Therefore, the US media and President Trump are believed to be on war. Thus, Trump’s announcement becomes a part of the very war between the two sides.

President Trump launched a scathing attack on CNN through social media. ‘The CNN is known as a powerful medium that projects the United States to the world. However, the CNN is projecting a wrong and inappropriate image of the United States. There needs to be some action to avoid it. The United States needs to consider starting its network, to show the world how great it is in the true sense’, Trump thus indicated starting a new network to counter the CNN.’

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