Smriti Irani's speech turned the tables

स्मृती इराणी के भाषण से दृश्य पलटा

The Union Minister for HRD, Mrs. Smriti Irani countered very effectively, all questions raised in the context of the JNU, in the house of the Parliament. Afzal Guru was given ample and fair opportunity to defend himself before the Supreme Court pronounced the death sentence. He was even granted repeated chances to make mercy petitions. It was only following these fair chances that the death sentence was executed. And yet those who raised slogans of 'Afzal Guru's judicial killing' seek justice from this very court of law, this judicial institution of India. 'That precisely', said Smriti Irani, 'is the strength of my country's democratic system that stands on justice' as she presented the Government's stand in the matter.

Kanhaiya and others who participated in the anti-national activity are as a matter of fact being used as weapons against the nation. These youth just do not know what they are doing she said, as she went on to reveal the details of the objectionable programs organized in the JNU. Among proofs of other inflammable instances, she presented those of the celebrations of the Mahishasur martyrdom day. Over and above these, she tabled before the parliament, substantial and concrete proof by way of reports and statements of the JNU administration and the JNU security personnel.

Further, the Union Minister for HRD, Smriti Irani read out before both houses of the Parliament, the extremely malicious and obscene references to the Mother Durga in the pamphlet of the 'Mahishasur martyrdom day'. She even prayed to God for forgiveness before she read out the atrocious material. She stressed firmly that antinational programs and activity insulting and hurting religious sentiment cannot be allowed to pass off as 'freedom of speech'. All questions opposing governmental action against the objectionable activity at the JNU were silenced by the concrete, rational arguments of the union minister for HRD. Her speech, full of impact received spontaneous applause from all over the nation. The social media too showered Smriti Irani's speech with appreciation and admiration. Her speech was an apt representation of the genuine sentiments of the common people and this was what kept echoing among the general populace even much after the speech.

Smriti Irani was lauded for her speech that not only outwitted her political rivals but left them speechless. She even hit back effectively to silence the accusation that her speech was 'all fervour and no fact'. It was her speech in the parliament that lifted the lid on many a fact relating to the JNU and so could bring these to light for the world to see. It is said that her speech ended up completely transforming the scene of the JNU row.