Shift in Foreign Policy of major world powers

Trump indicates a change to the US Foreign Policy

donald trump

Washington: Donald Trump has assured that the new foreign policy would be prepared by learning from the previously committed mistakes. He said that as per this policy, the US would not try to overthrow governments of other countries. Since the last few days, the US along with the rest of the world have been debating on who would be included in Donald Trump’s administration and about the nature of his foreign policy. The previous US administrators are advising Trump to adopt a cautious stance against Russia, Iran and Syria. This announcement made by Trump proves to be very crucial under such circumstances.

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Possibility of new Russian Union State as claimed by former President of Soviet Russia Gorbachev


Moscow : The comment made by the former President of Soviet Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev, that there exists a possibility for the countries who were a part of the erstwhile Soviet Union to  come together to form a new Union of States,is creating a sensation. Gorbachev further added that   this Union of States need not be based on the communist ideology and the participation to the Union would be entirely voluntary. The comments made by Gorbachev seem noteworthy when viewed in the light of Russia’s growing impact in Europe and the Asian Continents under the aggressive leadership of the present Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

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Change in Egypt and Turkey’s positions on Syria indicative of support to President Assad


Cairo/Istanbul: Four years back, the countries like Egypt and Turkey who were a part of the attempt to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government with Saudi Arabia’s support currently seem to have changed their positions. This claim has been made in an article published by the ‘Center for American Progress’, a study group based in the US. It is being claimed that the new stance adopted by the countries like Turkey and Egypt which are considered to be amongst the prominent countries in the Middle East, would  be reassuring for President Assad. It is also being said that Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict has been instrumental to the change in positions of these Middle Eastern countries.

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China commencing trade with Nepal – a threat for India

Beijing: In the race between India and China to gain  influence over Nepal, the later seems to be on the forefront. Trading goods worth 28 lakh dollars are in transit to reach Nepal’s Kathmandu from China controlled Tibet. Nepal is entirely dependent on India for transport of all its supplies. China has projected itself as an alternative source to Nepal by excluding India. Therefore, India’s vested interests in Nepal may be challenged.

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