Second Anniversary of Abrogation of Article 370 and Kashmir's shackles

Two years back, the Government of India abrogated Article 370 and 35A. These two articles were preventing integration of Jammu & Kashmir with mainland India through various restrictions. The historic decision displayed the will of the Indian Government to the global community in resolving clumsy issues. Moreover, from then till now, terror state Pakistan has found no takers for its efforts to internationalise the Kashmir issue.

On 2nd Anniversary of Article 370 Abrogation in J&K, Saudi media praises Indian decision
On 2nd Anniversary of Article 370 Abrogation in J&K, Saudi media praises Indian decision


Isolated Pakistan

Pakistan had taken it for granted that all the nations of the Middle East and North Africa would stand behind it against India post the move. However, leaving aside the exceptions of Turkey and China, not a single country got itself involved with the matter.

Saudi media praises Abrogation

Meanwhile, as India got support from across the world, the recent praise of the decision heaped on India by a section of the Saudi Arabian media is particularly noteworthy. They have clearly highlighted how there have been absolutely no protests in Kashmir since the abrogation decision was made. Also, the development achieved and completion of long-pending infrastructure projects in Jammu and Kashmir as also a special focus on developing a network of roads and highways have got underlined in the report.

Funds for Kashmir

Also, the subsidies and benefits that the local population has received under technology-driven schemes have been brought under focus. The report also mentions the 'huge' package of ₹800 billion allocated by the Central government to J&K for initiating various developmental projects.

False Freedom

Besides, the Saudi report has criticised the special status of J&K that hindered its progress and also blasted the Kashmiri separatists and leaders with vested interests for giving Kashmiris the false slogans for self-rule despite all the hard work by the Indian government.

Election rigging in POK

Coinciding with all this is the recent elections in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Protests are erupting all across the region, calling out the election rigging orchestrated by the Imran Khan government and Pak Army. Even more, local leaders are openly calling for India to intervene as the Pakistani neglect and atrocities continue to grow amid the election fiasco. Yesterday at the United Nations, India has asked Pakistan to vacate Occupied Kashmir. This demand by India clearly shows the change in India's Pakistan policy. With a shift in the definition of the Kashmir issue to 'Pakistan Occupied Kashmir', the success of Indian policy gets underscored.