Saved from a near-fatal road accident due to Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu’s grace

 - Dinesh Pardesi 

Our Bapu always says, ‘Children, I will never abandon you!’ Yes. This is 108% true! Ten years ago, my parents died and I became an orphan. This grave and untimely loss made me extremely anxious. But after I started coming to Bapu, all my problems were resolved by Him. I got back my lost parents in the form of Bapu. All the people from Bapu’s ‘Hari Om’ family were like my own family members. Nothing more was needed in life.

Later, I got married wife and soon we had sweet children too. Bapu gave me all the desired things in abundance! He also cared for me like a flower, and helped me sail through all the problems that came in my life.

27th March 2009 was one such unforgettable day of my life. It was Amavasya (New moon day) and the following day was Gudhi Padwa (Beginning of a Hindu new year). As usual, I was returning home after completing my work. In fact, I had finished my work a bit earlier and hence I was thinking of playing with the children after reaching home. I had decided to spend some quality time with my family since the following day was a festive holiday. While riding my motorcycle, I was murmuring the Kannad Gajar “Bapu Yelli Banni” as I like it a lot. I was riding at a normal speed and a truck was traveling ahead of me at a decent speed too. Since the repair work of the Pune- Mumbai Highway was just completed, there was a lot of gravel on the road. Suddenly my motorcycle slipped and lost its balance. It skidded and got dragged along the road for about 10-15 meters. My head was about to get smashed under the rear wheel of the truck which was traveling ahead of me. I was helpless and so I just closed my eyes and said, ‘Its all over, Hari Om…’ and was waiting for death to crush me.

…But nothing like that happened. Within a few moments, I opened my eyes to find that my helmet was completely cracked. All the people had gathered around me. They thought that I was surely dead! They were shocked to find me alive. “Only God knows how you are alive! You are extremely fortunate and you were saved only due to some divine blessing!” These were the astonished statements of the people who witnessed the accident. They gently lifted me and pulled me out from beneath the truck. I was a bit stable then. The condition of my right hand, right leg and my clothes was terrible. Somehow I managed to start the motorcycle. I went ahead some distance and the bike suddenly stopped. I did not understand what to do next. So I walked the next 3 Kms, pushing the motorcycle all the way and managed to reach home. My wife was extremely frightened to see my condition when she opened the door. But I felt relieved when I saw her. I took my son close to me. In that frightened state, my wife brought Udi and applied it on my hands, legs and started chanting the Ghorakashtodharan Stotra. After a while, I felt better and I told her all that had happened. I also told her, ‘I don’t know the condition of my bike. I don’t think that it will ever start again!’ Then I got up and thought of going to the mechanic. The garage also belonged to a Bapu bhakta (devotee). I had to push the bike all the way home, but now it started in a single kick! Besides, there was no repair work required. Even after having such a close encounter with death, I did not suffer any major injuries. I had sustained some minor bruises and that was all. My Bapu Mauli did all this for me. Bapu may be thousands of miles away from His bhakta, but His resolve of protecting them never stops. And that’s the Truth! Thank you Bapu!! I am Ambadnya!!