Aniruddha bapu saved me from hot boiling water leakage

- Aparnaveera Mali, Borivali
Aniruddha bapu saving his devotee's life from the leakage of hot boiling water. Once a person reposes complete faith in one’s Sadguru, the Sadguru then takes complete care of them. Sadguru takes care of us through thick and thin. However, his ways of saving us from untoward situations are sometimes beyond comprehension. For example, if a calamity occurs in a certain part of a city, then a Shraddhavan who works in the same area falls sick and does not go to his job that day. Thus, the catastrophe gets averted. Similarly, a Shraddhavan could perform an action that he would not normally do, but happens to do it spontaneously, which saves him from some trouble. Such incidents routinely take place in the lives of followers of Aniruddha Bapu. Shraddhavans are grateful for his compassionate interventions in such situations.

While I was away thousands of miles, my Bapu (Aniruddha Bapu) ensured he was with me all the time, 108%.

Every step up the path of life, in every little way, after invoking Bapu, all my actions are accomplished without any obstacles. However, the experience I am narrating today is about my rebirth.

Due to some office work, I had to travel to Bonn, Germany, for five months. I missed my family and friends terribly in Germany during this period from November 2012 to April 2013. However, the feeling of loneliness was not there because I was confident that my Bapu was always there with me. Moreover, before leaving Mumbai, Nandaai patted me on the back and assured me that Bapu is always there with her. Her words were etched on my mind.

It was the morning of 9th March 2013. Since Saturday was a non-working day, I decided to get up slightly late. As per my daily routine, I brushed my teeth and got ready for a shower. In the nick of time, I thought about my Monday lunch and decided to soak some pulses so that they would sprout by Monday morning. I opened the hot water tap in the kitchen sink to soak these pulses.

Surprisingly, I saw that the drainage hole was frothing with hot boiling water steam. It was making weird kind of noises as well. I immediately opened the drawer door underneath and realised that the pipe had burst and the boiling water was seeping out.

I was startled and so could not think of any immediate action. The house was filled with hot boiling water within about five minutes. Since the water kept flowing in the house, my feet began to burn with this hot boiling water. I was calling out to Bapu continuously.

I then ran out of the house and began to scream for help. However, it was a Saturday, and the temperature outside was just about 2-4 degrees, so no one came for help. Finally, I resolved my mind that my Bapu only would do something. I returned to my house with that thought. I came inside, stood before Bapu’s picture, and said, “Bapu, if this hot boiling water leakage does not stop, the water will get absorbed in the adjacent walls. These walls have electric wires, and then something terrible could happen. This hot boiling water leakage must stop. I am going to do something. Please give me the strength to do it.”

I spoke to him and then put my head inside the compartment underneath. However, the water was so hot that the steam began to burn my face, and the water started dripping off my face. Since I had bent, my feet and knees had also begun to burn with hot water. I called out to Bapu loudly, and with the resolve to stop the water flow, I put my right hand inside. The water was unbelievably hot, but I shut the tap by calling out Bapu name. At last, the water flow stopped. My Bapu had stopped further leakage of water.

Draining out the water that had clogged the house was imperative. Therefore, I used a towel to soak up the water without wasting more time. After about 15 minutes, I realized that my right hand was burnt severely and had blisters. However, since I had to dry the floor, I continued soaking up the water with the towel and squeezing it in the sink.

However, the burns on my hand worsened. I then called one of my colleagues and told him the entire incident. Later, I called the house owner and reported the accident. The burning sensation on my hand was unbearable, so I held it under running tap water. I continued to do so until my colleague reached my place with his wife.

Seeing my condition, they panicked and took me to a nearby hospital. The doctors started my treatment immediately. They said that I had second-degree burns. They also assured me that since I held my hand under the cold flowing water, my wounds would heal in about 2-3 weeks. They applied two medicinal cream tubes to my hand, and I felt immense relief. I thanked my Bapu and I began to feel much better. The doctor had bandaged my right hand completely. My colleague asked me to stay at his home that day. I stayed at his place for some time and returned to my apartment around 4.30 pm. I was in a hurry to have a dialogue with my Bapu-Aai-Dada.

Reaching home, I stood before their photo and spoke to them. I honestly thanked them for giving me the courage to endure the difficult times. I called Mumbai to inform about this incident to my mother. I told her I had minor burns so she would not get tensed. Despite that, she began to worry instantly. She told me to take care as she had seen a similar scene on daily television soap. I looked at Bapu’s picture, smiled and hung up.

After some time, the apartment owner and her husband visited me. They went and checked the bathroom boiler. They were surprised that the boiler did not trip and blast. Had that happened, it would have been a disaster. However, a big calamity was averted.

Hearing those words, I was dumbstruck. I kept looking at Bapu’s picture in amazement. Later, I stood in front of his picture and wept uncontrollably. Bapu had brought me out of a very threatening situation, and that too quite easily. I wondered how I thought about soaking some pulses for Monday that morning. I then opened the hot water tap, and the incident occurred. He saved me. Everything was beyond my comprehension. I could not imagine what would have happened if, instead of soaking those pulses that day, a bigger calamity had occurred had I gone for a shower. More importantly, since I was staying alone, no one would have come to know about it until Monday.

I remembered Nandaai’s words. It was the day I had gone to Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram just before leaving for Germany. I felt her hand patting my back. I felt immensely fortunate. Despite being thousands of miles away, my Bapu saved me. He gave me the strength to recover from those burns. It was nothing but my Bapu’s blessings that saved me from a calamity. I am Ambadnya !!