Sadguru Shree Aniruddha’s Pitruvachan (Part 2) – 21 March 2019 - What is Procrastination?

Hari Om | Sriram | Ambadnya Naathsamvidh | Naathsamvidh | Naathsamvidh So...for last many years, the young generation has been telling me, 'Bapu, you’ve started speaking in Hindi, why don’t you (speak in) English?' I said, 'I am Indian, okay? I know only Indian languages. I learned in vernacular medium school. As per [that], I don’t know English, so I will not be (speaking in English)'; but then, people are insisting, 'Bapu, please, please, please, please, please!' - especially the young generation standing over here, eagerly waiting for me to speak in English. So, I decided. (But) I will not speak in English, I will be speaking in, I will speak in Hinglish- Indian English. Not flaunting the American accent. Not at all! I do not get it. I do not have it, Yeah?! I am not bothered for it. Haha, okay? It’s like that, so, I will speak in Indian English, on and off, not regularly, okay?So.. today, as the opening Batsman, I will be playing with a ball called 'Procrastination'. What do you mean by the word 'Procrastination'? To delay- चाल ढकल. Okay? आज का काम कल पे. आज का decision दो दिन के बाद. Delaying unnecessarily- the work, action and rather decision, is called 'Procrastination'. And this is the biggest obstacle in our life. We face it every day. “I will be doing 16 Maalas today, tomorrow, hey, no....not tomorrow, day day week yaar, come on! Next time.”  “I want to contact a girl, propose the girl. Not today yaar....Tomorrow. Tomorrow - she doesn’t seem to be in a good mood....after two months”  (and) after two months, she’s already married. Okay? We have lost our hopes. What will happen maximum? She will say no yaar. So what! There are thousand other girls, there are thousand other boys! The world doesn’t end with one person, right? But we go on thinking in our own minds, always! “No, this is not the right time”.... “No, this is not the right way”.... “This is not the right situation”.... “I don’t have the right attitude”....“Let me become perfect.” Arre! What nonsense is this? What is perfection? Perfection is an illusion. Forget about it! Do it! Don’t do it without thinking, give proper thought. Think properly, analyse properly- consider every aspect of it and then Do it!! Don’t go on delaying it unnecessarily- tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow….the tomorrow never comes! Whether it is in Parmarth, i.e in your Bhakti, in devotional services, or even in day-to-day life. Just remember the last time you told your mother, “I love you, Mom. I love you a lot”- remember! Those who are married for thirty years, remember when you told your wife last time, 'I love you, yaar! You look today also, as beautiful as what you looked on the first night.' Why not?! You may have forgotten that- with the age, person does not become less good looking, but better looking, better looking and better looking. Okay? That we have to understand.You forget to do so many things, due to, nothing else- due to laziness! But Laziness is different. This is procrastination. Plus, we think ‘it is not right time’, ‘it is not right attitude’, ‘it is not right space’, ‘I wanted pace!’, ‘I wanted strength from within to speak out, to do this’. How much are you going to wait? We are born with limited time- maximum of 100 years. Right? [So] whatever you want to do, you have to do it in that particular time period only. 8 hours we are sleeping, 2 hours we are relaxing, 2 hours either we are chatting or we are on Facebook, or we are on Twitter, or we are on Whatsapp, or we are on something else, okay? I don’t want to say that at all. But, when are we with ourselves? Ask this question to you- ‘How much time do I give to myself?’ Not for my looks! Not for the gym time, not for my exercise time. That is okay, that IS important. But, more than that, what is important? How much time I give to 'myself'? That is 10 minutes a day- to think, 'what I am? What have I become? What am I becoming? What people are forcing me to become? And what do I want? What do I want today? And what is my real need for my whole future?' Give at least 10 minutes in a day to yourself. And as I have told you....I have been telling you - give at least 24 minutes in a day to your Dad. How many minutes? I am not asking for more time, only 24 minutes minimum. If you give more, well and good if you can. But spend atleast 24 minutes in a day- chant mantra gajar, dance with him. See, as you young boys are standing here, with different hairstyle and everything- this was My hairstyle when I was young. I had this long hair with this long sidelocks- कल्ले; and elephant bottom trousers. It was the fashion in THOSE days. I shouldn't be moving around like that (now) - with shirt tied down wearing a knot, with jeans, and with big belt. Okay? Why? Because it was the fashion of that period. Changing your dress and changing your haircut is no problem, yaar! But, don’t change your aims. If you want to change your aims, change it for betterment. Not a (good) idea....getting stuck at one spot, because one problem has appeared and it is not getting solved. One plan is not getting succeeded. Okay! So what? What’s the big issue? What’s the big deal? Chill yaar! Chill, chill, chill! You should be able to tell yourself, “chill yaar!” We tell others to chill, but let us tell ourselves that 'Chill yaar, thoda chill. Come on! Be cool, yaar!' Okay? Right? And then you’ll be able to take every step very properly. So, Procrastination only comes when we do not give time to ourselves. So start giving atleast 10 minutes to look at yourself. Not in the mirror. Not in that mirror of glass, the mirror of your own mind. Stand in front of your God’s photograph or statue- whatever it is, and start talking to him. “This is what happened.” “This is what I wanted to do.” “This is what I am not able to do properly.” Okay, so what? “How to do? Pls guide me!” He will guide you! He will, He shall, yes, always! We shall get it. Right? So, not looking at yourself, not thinking for yourself is the real root cause of procrastination. And procrastination is the root cause of all failures, all crimes, all frustrations. No. Do. It. Right. Now! Just do it! Okay? You will commit mistakes, you’ll commit faults also, you’ll get failures also. Who hasn’t got failures? Behind every big success, there are a thousand failures atleast. No problems. But only thing, your failure should not be so big, that you fall and you’re over. Like, I have got 10 lakh rupees in my pocket.... I don’t have, but if somebody has 10 lakh rupees in his pocket and he would start a business with a loan of 4 crores. It’s not correct. Don’t jump so high that you’ll fall down and break all your bones. That’s not correct. Take small leaps, Okay? Have that idea of staircase in the mind- step by step. Best is take step by step. Go slowly, but steadily. Forward and forward and forward. Okay? So, do not allow failures to fix your life. Be yourself- what you are! Do not consider yourself to be lesser than anyone else. Respect elders, respect those who are better in some particular field. But, due to that, don’t call yourself names. Don’t tell yourself that I’m bad, yaar! I am not going to improve anytime. I’m fuss, yaar! I am (thumbs down). No you’re not (thumbs down). You are Up, Up, Up! Okay? Right? So, the word 'procrastination' should only remain in dictionary, not your books- remain only in dictionary. Is it removed from your minds today? [yes] Promise? [promise!] And if you don’t follow the promise, what should I do? What will I do? What shall I do, nahi. What will I do certainly? I am the biggest Goonda in the world, I tell you! Worst. कातिलों का कातिल. Yes, there was a movie like that, okay? Terminator! I am THE Terminator! Okay? But I won’t terminate you, I will terminate the procrastination from your life in such a bad way that you’ll say, 'My, my, O God! Please forgive me, but I will work.' And that I will do! Certainly do! I will not hesitate at all, because I will not bring that bloody word in my action anytime- 'procrastination'. If my child is in problem- I will run, no procrastination. My child is in confusion, I will fly- no procrastination. If my child has committed a sin, still I will run for him- with the jet speed, with the rocket speed. There will be no procrastination. As your father does not have procrastination, kids just do not have any right to have it in their life. Agreed? So, Love you all!  [Love you DAD] Love you all!  [Love you DAD] Love you all!  [Love you DAD]