Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu helps in every situation

Shraddhavan’s experiences about getting a Visa

a missing child & college admission

- Manishaveera Kawle, Nerul 
I bow at the feet of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu. I have been part of the Bapu family since 2000 and have experienced his unconditional love and grace on numerous occasions, but never really penned it down. Had I done so, my narration would have run into several pages and could have been compiled in a book. I have often experienced that Bapu is always with me, standing where I am, only a call away. I have, therefore, always been calm and have lived a content life.  

My younger brother has been in London for the past two years. He was going to come to India to celebrate Diwali with us in November 2012. We were all very happy. He had given his passport to renew the Visa about two-three months back. Assuming it would take about two months to get his passport back, he booked tickets for November 9. However, about three months had passed, and there was no sign of getting his passport back. 

For the past two months, we all prayed that his passport should arrive and he could come to India to celebrate the festival with us. We were sure Bapu would come to our aid and help him get his passport on time.

By now, it was November and we had lost all hope of him coming to India, especially because we had heard that many applicants had not got their passports back for about four to five months. But for some reason, I hoped he might get his passport by the last day. 

My brother was going to cancel his ticket the following day if his passport did not arrive by November 7. By now, everyone was sure that there was no way he could make it to India this time for Diwali. But my Bapu managed against all obstacles, even across seven seas and fulfilled our wish. My brother’s passport arrived by the end of the day on November 7th, and he was here with us in India on November 10th.

 I would like to narrate one more experience. We had gone to Tirupati during the Diwali holidays. The place was very crowded. We got busy buying stuff outside the temple. After some time, I realized that my sister’s five-year-old daughter Bhakti was missing. 

At first, we thought she must be with one of the family members, and we started looking around. We searched for her for about half an hour. The place was crowded, and looking for her was becoming worrisome. Where could a five-year-old have vanished in the crowd? We were getting agitated with every passing moment. 

Everyone was praying to Bapu. I pleaded to Bapu, “Bapu; please help us find Bhakti as soon as possible.” I had not even completed my words when a policeman appeared before me and asked, “Have you lost a little girl?” When I said, “Yes”, he took me to Bhakti and handed her to me. I have no words to describe how happy and relieved I felt! A thousand bows at Bapu’s Lotus feet!

Here is my third experience. My daughter Kiran Kawle was in DAV high school for her 10th standard class. She wanted to pursue her 11th standard from the school, and therefore instead of appearing for SSC examinations, she appeared for CCE. She scored 88%, thanks to Bapu’s grace. She secured admission to DAV for the Science stream. However, she missed the two-day admission date as we were at our native place. 

Since it was CCE, her chances of getting admission were bleak. It was 15 days since the results were out, and admissions to all schools offering CCE curriculum were already full. We were quite tense and praying to Bapu. We were worried thinking about what would happen if she didn’t get admission.

The following day I enquired at Amrita Vidyalaya and, to my surprise, I came to know that admissions were still open there. My daughter secured admission there and successfully completed her 11th standard.

So, this is our Bapu! He always manages situations and ensures his Shraddhavans have a way out of their troubles.