RUTHLESS, ETHICLESS ERA: Syrian government forces allegedly use chemical weapons in civilian suburb

RUTHLESS, ETHICLESS ERA: Syrian government forces allegedly use chemical weapons in civilian suburb


President Bashar al-Assad - Chemical Weapons
President Bashar al-Assad (Courtesy:

Syrian opposition activists have accused forces led by President Bashar al-Assad of dropping barrel bombs loaded with chemical weapons in the rebel-held areas of Moadamiyeh, on the outskirts of Damascus. Locals claimed that people died of suffocation after the town was struck with barrel bombs that were dropped using helicopters by the government forces. Moadamiyeh has been under relentless assault by the Syrian regime for last five days, despite an official ceasefire in the city.

The only local hospital which is now functional has reported of treating dozens of casualties. The hospital has reported of symptoms viz., runny noses, drooling, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, vomiting, involuntary urination, defecation, spasms and suffocation by the casualties. All these symptoms are pointing towards use of sarin gas, a nerve agent whose use breaches United Nations resolutions.

Syria Chemical WeaponsIncidentally Moadamiyeh was also purportedly targeted with chemical weapons by Assad regime in the year 2013 in which hundreds of people were killed. 

With this I vividly recollect a preface of the book 'The Third World War' authored by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi. In a particular paragraph he writes, "Values based on theory or principles will have no place whatsoever in this conflict and 'survival of the fittest' will, on the contrary, be the only commandment. Thus, although political games and secret conspiracies are going to be sure directives, quantitative power that can resort to aggression, violence and extreme ruthlessness is going to prove more dominant and successful in the conflict and for a long time to come. Once the war begins and more and more allies begin to take their stand on either side, the open and defiant violation of all ethics, one after another along with that of restraint begins with equal pace. Then there comes a stage when neither side feels the need to give any moral justification of its deeds, not even a superficial one. This is what has already started to happen and with every coming year, such instances are going to mount rapidly".

Considering the various happenings across the world how true are these words! They form a clear description of the nature of this ruthless 'Third World War', which has now started and is spreading in all directions like a raging fire. I have included a video in this blog post which would actually make you see the complete destruction of Damascus, the civilian capital of Syria has witnessed in which ‘common man’ has been the one who has suffered the most.

Chemical Weapons used by rebels in Syria

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