Russia's sphere of influence expands

Russia deploys anti-missile system against North Korea


Moscow : As US, South Korea and Japan are taking offensive military steps to counter the mounting threat posed by North Korea, Russia too has been taking steps for its own defense. Russia has deployed a medium range, high tech multi-purpose ‘Buk-M3’ missile system in the province of Siberia, pointing in the direction of North Korea. Four days back, Russia’s Air Force division of the eastern military command deployed the ‘Buk-M3‘ missile system in the capital city Ulan-Ude of Buriyatia in the Siberian province.

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180 IS terrorists killed in Russia’s attack in Syria, claims Russian Defense Ministry


Moscow : In the airstrikes launched by Russian fighter planes on the IS hideouts in Syria’s ‘Deir-Ez-Zor‘ area, 180 terrorists of IS terrorist organization, including two senior commanders have been killed. It is said that the terrorists of IS had conspired to carry out bloodshed on a large scale in the city, but the IS is said to have received a big blow owing to the Russian airstrikes. In the last month’s air attacks launched by Russia in Raqqa city, the IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is said to have been killed.

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Russian companies should manufacture defense equipment in India, appeals Defense Minister Jetley


Moscow : India’s new defense policy being extremely simple, the Russian companies should take advantage of it and should collaborate with Indian companies and manufacture advanced defense equipment in India itself, appealed Defense Minister Arun Jetley. Defense Minister Arun Jetley made this appeal during his three-day visit to Russia, which started on Wednesday.

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Al Qaeda and Bin Laden were raised by the United States, says Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir-Putin Russia

Washington :The interview of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, taken by the renowned Hollywood director Oliver Stone, has been broadcast on TV channels in US. The Russian President has made a scathing attack on US in the interview, which has gained a lot of publicity in US. Today, the US which has proclaimed war against the terrorists has nurtured ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’ reminded President Putin. Likewise, the evidence of US’s support to ‘Chechen Terrorists’ was available with Russia said the Russian President in the interview.

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