Release of English version of Shree Ramrasayan

Hari Om

For the past several months we are drenching in the ‘Aniruddha Bhaktibhav Chaitanya’ by reading about many leelas of the Swayambhagwan Trivikram through the Pratyaksha editorials of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha.

While underscoring the glory of the 'Ram Katha' in Shree Sai Satcharita, Hemadpant states – There is absolutely no place for perils, where the Ram Katha is recited. The influence of such perils over us becomes negligible.

We all are already aware of the significance of reading Shree Ramrasayan during the ‘Ramrasayan pathan’, especially during the Navratra. We are extremely pleased to inform you about the release of the English version of Shree Ramrasayan, right before the ‘Chaitra Shubhankara Navratra’, making it convenient and possible for many to read and understand the great work.


|| Hari Om || || Shree Ram || || Ambadnya || || Naathsamvidh ||