Recipe of Wheat Concentrate (Gavhache sattva)

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In His discourse of 27th June 2013 Bapu spoke about 'Gavhache sattva' (Gahu=wheat. sattva=the concentrate. Gavhache sattva=the concentrate of wheat). I am sharing the recipe of this nutritious dish: 

Soak the wheat (grains) in water overnight. On the following day, drain the water and soak the wheat once again in fresh water. Repeat the same procedure on the third day too. On the fourth day drain the water and adding a little fresh water, grind the wheat (in a mixer or on the grinding stone). Now squeeze and strain the ground mixture in a vessel and cover it. 

Open the lid after six or seven hours. The thick concentrate settles down in the vessel leaving a watery fluid floating above it. Drain the fluid and store the thick concentrate in a jar or a closed container. 

Variety 1: For those who need to watch their weight: 1) The wheat concentrate - 1 bowl (वाटी) 2) Water - 4 bowls (वाटी) 3) Asafoetida (Hing) – 1 teaspoon 4) Salt - to taste 5) Powdered cumin seeds (Jeera) – to taste   

Mix the above ingredients and cook on slow fire. Keep stirring the mixture to avoid lumps. 

Variety 2: For the underweight (or the lean): 1) The wheat concentrate - 1 bowl (वाटी) 2) Ghee - 2 teaspoons 3) Milk - 1 bowl (वाटी) 4) Sugar - 2 teaspoons 5) Powdered cardamom – to taste 

Stir the ghee in the vessel. Mix in the wheat concentrate, the milk and the sugar. Cook this mixture on slow fire. Add the powdered cardamom (optional). Stir continuously until this blend begins to glisten indicating that it is cooked. Remove from fire. 

The wheat concentrate prepared in the above way contains the essential goodness of wheat and so is high in its nutritive value. It is recommended that a standard sized bowl of the preparation be eaten every day. 

(Note: The video of this recipe would be provided soon)