Quebecker Premier demands recognizing Quebec as a 'nation' inside Canada; China weaponizing Cloud for Digital Colonialism

Quebecker Premier demands recognizing Quebec as a 'nation' inside Canada


Premier of Canada's Quebec province François Legault has raised demands of recognizing Quebec as a 'nation' inside Canada and French as Quebec's only official language. The widening differences between the English-speaking and the French-speaking populace have freshly fueled the freedom demand. With a population of 8.5 million, Quebec accounts for about one-fourth of the 338 seats in Canada's House of Commons. Thus, with provincial elections due in 2022, this demand threatens Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's party and Canada's integrity. Back in 1980 and 1995, referendums were held for the independence of Quebec, but they failed. If Quebec's demand is met, it may trigger other separatist demands in Canada and even the United States. Overall, it appears that Quebec may get more autonomy but not independence.

China weaponizing Cloud for Digital Colonialism


China’s Global Cloud Strategy gives it ‘coercive leverage’, says a report by a US think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). CSIS has cited China’s 70 Cloud deals in 41 nations while making this observation. Last year, China approved $1.4 trillion for its technology platforms to develop infrastructure and help them expand in 70 countries. Digitalizing the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ is a key aspect of Chinese foreign policy under President Xi Jinping. CCP now plans to expand its digital reach beyond China’s borders with cloud deals in Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, European Union and the United States. It is worrying to note that China is weaponizing Cloud for ‘Digital Colonialism’. This news may increase the number of Chinese technology companies facing bans worldwide for allegations of espionage and for posing a risk to national security.