The Quagmire in Israel, Syria and the Kurds

Demands for Kurdistan will lead to starvation of Kurds

Ankara/Tehran/ Baghdad: If the Kurdish forces in Iraq remain firm on the role of an independent country, Turkey will impose strong restrictions on Iraqi Kurds. If this happens, the crisis of hunger may strike the Iraqi Kurds. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the Kurds that along with these restrictions, Turkey has left open the option of taking military actions against the Iraqi Kurds. However, Turkey has resumed its military exercises by deploying its army near Iraq’s border.


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Russia urges Syria not to retaliate against Israeli attacks

Moscow / Jerusalem: After Israel launched air strikes on Syria’s ammunition depot last week, Syria had prepared to retaliate in response. However, Russia urged Syria and Hezbollah to not retaliate against Israel. A Russian official confirmed to Israeli newspaper about the conversation held between Russia and Syrian & Hezbollah leaders in this context. A week ago, Israel carried out air strikes on the Syrian city of Homs by intruding through Lebanon. Syrian media had claimed that the air strikes have destroyed Syrian army’s ammunition depot.


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Israel supports Kurdistan`s independence, says Israeli Prime Minister


Jerusalem: Israel will fully support the efforts to establish an independent Kurdistan for the Kurdish people residing in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Armenia, as announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, while supporting for independent Kurdistan, Prime Minister, Netanyahu, clarified that the Kurdish rebel group ‘PKK’ in Turkey is a terrorist organization. Israeli Prime Minister is currently on a tour of Latin American countries and Netanyahu announced this in Argentina on Wednesday.

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