Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifying

Russian President trying to take over Ukraine; claims former Ukrainian military official

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingKiev: There are signs of a dispute flaring up between Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, Volodymyr Yelchenko accused Russia of militarizing Crimea, the region that it had sliced out of Ukraine three years ago. Yelchenko said that these Russian military movements are a threat to Ukrainian security. The efforts of Russian President, Vladimir Putin are directed towards making Ukraine politically, economically and militarily weak and taking over the country, claimed former Deputy Chief of the Defence Forces Ihor Romanenko.

Since the last few days, the tension near the Ukrainian border with Russia has been increasing. Ukraine had criticised that the pro-Russia rebels have sneaked into the eastern Ukrainian regions and are on a rampage. Ukraine has accused that Russia is trying to annex the states of Donetsk and Luhansk just like Crimea. 

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Russia provided Syria with S-300 for free, informs Russian official

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingMoscow: A shocking information has been revealed about the S-300 system deployed by Russia in Syria to counter the Israeli air attacks. Russia has supplied 24 launcher vehicles and 300 missiles used in the S-300 air defence system, to Syria for free. Tension is already raging between Russia and Israel over the Russian deployment of S-300 in Syria and Israel has asserted that the attacks on Syria will continue despite the deployment.

The S-300 system deployed a week back is an advanced version of the current air defence system. A Russian official also informed that three battalions of this system with all the capabilities have been deployed. The S-300 system comprises of a launcher vehicle loaded with 4 missiles, vehicle equipped with radar, battery and one commanding centre.

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Must carry out cyber attacks on Russia; aggressive demand from a senior Danish leader

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingCopenhagen: The option to proactively adopt an aggressive stand also should be available, along with retaliating against an attack on Denmark. If you can act aggressively before an attack is initiated from the other side, the attacker himself will get the realisation as to what is getting wounded’ indicated senior leader from Denmark, Naser Khader to indicate that if necessary Denmark can carry out cyber attacks against Russia.

Only last week, the Netherlands and Australia along with the United Kingdom had levelled a crushing accusation that there was Russian intelligence behind the cyber attacks worldwide. There had been a stormy discussion about the cyber attacks in the meeting of the NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels, before levelling these accusations against Russia. During the meeting, the US Secretary of Defence has assured the NATO countries that the United States will make its cyber prowess available to them.

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The ceasefire in Idlib temporary; Syrian President Al-Assad

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingDamascus: The Syrian military and the rebels have both agreed on disarmament of 9 to 12 miles area of the Idlib province in North-West Syria. This is considered to be an important step towards stopping the violence in Syria. However, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said that this ceasefire is temporary. The Russia media have claimed that this is a warning from the Syrian President, whose strength has been augmented due to the deployment of the Russian S-300 system, to the western countries supporting the rebels.

To avoid a conflict between the Syrian military and the rebels in Idlib, the Russian and Turkish representatives came together to announce a ceasefire. Turkey took the responsibility of the rebels supported by the Arabian countries and Russia guaranteed for the Syrian military. It was being said that the conflict in Idlib was avoided due to that, but within hours of the Turkish and Russian announcement, President Assad threatened the rebels once again.

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45,000 NATO soldiers assemble near the Russian border for huge war exercises; includes electronic warfare

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingBrussels/Moscow: Known as the largest war exercises since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the ‘Operation Trident Juncture 18’ will see around 45,000 NATO soldiers’ participation near the Russian border. These exercises will be held in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Arctic sector along the Russian border. The exercises will be focused upon enemy attacks on the member countries and on electronic warfare, informed Admiral James Foggo, a senior NATO official.

Russia issued a warning to the United States and Europe by organising the ‘Vostok 2018’ war exercises, with the participation of more than 300,000 soldiers. President Vladimir Putin and the military officials claimed that Russia demonstrated its military might through these exercises. Against this background, the information released by NATO regarding the ‘Operation Trident Juncture 18’ is significant.

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Iranian oil exports decline by 46% after the harsh US sanctions, say Iranian and international organisations

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingTehran/London: Iran has started feeling the heat of the harsh sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump. The Iranian oil exports have shown a decline to the extent of 46% compared to last year. The slide is not expected to stop here but may increase further in the coming months, said the Iranian officials. As per information given by the international organisations, the Iranian oil export for the month of October reached a low of 1 million barrels per day and this has put the Iranian economy in a tight corner.

President Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal in the month of May. Following this, the US President warned the European allies of the United States and the international community about imposing harsh sanctions against Iran. Before imposing the sanctions Trump had suggested that the European countries should withdraw from the nuclear deal.

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Following the Russian deployment of S-300 in Syria, US to supply additional F-35s to Israel

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingJerusalem: The United States has given a fitting reply to Russia, who has been threatening Israel after the deployment of the S-300 system in Syria. The United States will be readying Israel with F-35s, the advanced stealth fighter jets in view of the Russian S-300 threat. It is said that these fighter jets are capable of giving a slip to the Russian S-300 system. The United States has decided to deploy a fleet of F-35 stealth fighter jets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well.                   Russian IL-20 surveillance aircraft had crashed at Latakia in Syria. The Syrian military downed the Russia aircraft while trying to target the Israeli fighter jets. 15 Russians lost their lives in this crash. Putting the entire blame on Israel, Russia had warned that there will be retaliation against Israel. Within the next few hours, Russia announced the despatch of the advanced S-300 system to Syria.

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Germany agrees Iran should never acquire nukes but supports the nuclear deal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Proxy wars between NATO-US and Russia intensifyingJerusalem/Washington: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is on a visit to Israel, announced that Germany agrees with the Israeli stand of not allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons at any cost. At the same time, Germany also announced opposition to the Iranian ballistic missile program. But Merkel expressed support for the Iran nuclear deal saying that the methods employed by Israel and Germany to achieve the goal are different. The tension between Israel and Germany remains at the same level because of the stand was taken by German Chancellor Merkel.                                                          Two days ago, France clearly indicated a change in its stand regarding Iran. Opposing the nuclearization of Iran, the French police arrested an Iranian intelligence agent. Therefore, the focus was on the German Chancellor’s visit to Israel. The Israeli media were keenly waiting to see whether the German stand towards Iran would also change as that of France. Therefore, the discussions between Merkel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were being followed closely.

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