Proxy war between Iran and Israel intensifies

Iran will completely annihilate Israel in next 25 years, threatens Iranian military Chief


Tehran: The Iranian military Chief threatened Israel by saying, ‘When egoistic countries provide strength to the likes of the Israeli government in order to survive, we should be careful not to allow such a sinister and illegitimate regime to continue even for a single day’. Iranian military Chief General Abdolrahim Mousavi also warned Israel and said that ‘the Iranian army and the Revolutionary Guards will join hands and step forth as they will completely destroy the arrogant agencies as well as the Israeli government’. 

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Saudi plan to take crude oil to $100 after attaining a high rise in the fuel prices within three and a half years.


Riyadh/Moscow: The crude oil prices jumped by about 2% and surpassed the mark of $74 per Barrel. This was the highest rise in the last three and a half years. The reason attributed to this rise is the tension in the Gulf and regression in the United States oil reserves. In this scenario of escalating oil prices, Saudi is claimed to be planning to take the crude oil prices to over  $100. The crude oil prices recorded $74.44 per barrel after the Thursday jump. The tension created in Gulf over the Syrian crisis and the report about the United States oil reserves are the factors responsible for this price rise.

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20 killed in the blast at Aleppo Iranian base in Syria- Israel is a suspect


Aleppo: A blast has been reported at the Aleppo Iranian military base only within few hours of the United States-UK-France missile attacks, The blast was at the Iranian ‘Jabal Azzan’ military base in Aleppo and as per the reports, 20 people including an Iranian army officer have been killed. A few Arab and Israeli medias claimed that this blast was a result of an Israeli air attack. This is the second incident of an Israeli attack on an Iranian military base in Syria in the past seven days.

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Israeli airbases are within Iran’s reach, warn Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander


Tehran: ‘Israel is in the dragon’s mouth and its adversaries are much stronger than before, said Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and warned Israel that its airbases were within range Iran’s missiles. Commander Hossein Salami, the second in command of the Revolutionary Guard has warned Israel that it should not depend on its airbases claiming that Iran can very easily target them. Only last week, the Israeli defence ministry had released a map of the Iranian airbases in Syria. 

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Russia-Iran prepare to increase ‘Oil for Goods’ cooperation


Moscow: Russia and Iran have increased the scope of the ‘Oil for Goods’ cooperation to $45 billion, finishing the trade based on the US Dollar. This announcement was made by Russian Energy Minister ‘Alexander Novak’. Novak said that this decision was taken after the first phase, of supply of goods in exchange for fuel, was completed successfully. Russia and Iran have a longstanding cooperation. In spite of the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies, Russia had signed trade and military agreements with Iran.

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The United States is insulting the whole world by moving its embassy to Jerusalem: criticised the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif


New York: – Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif severely criticised that, ‘The United States is insulting millions of people world over by moving their embassy to Jerusalem’. Foreign Minister Zarif also accused that this decision by the US is a gross violation of the international laws. Iranian Foreign Minister, Zarif is currently on his US visit to attend a UN meeting. Before attending the meeting, the Iranian Foreign Minister severely criticised President Trump’s decisions. 

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Pray to protect President Trump as ‘Deep State’ and evil forces unite against him, appeals Pastor Frank Amedia


Washington: “The ‘Deep State’, the secret rulers of the United States and the evil forces following the path of darkness, have united against President Donald Trump and he faces a major threat from them. The Christians therefore should put the power of their prayers behind President Trump to shield him”, urged Pastor Frank Amedia. ‘Frank Amedia’ said this while speaking at a program on a news channel. At a function organised by the ‘President of the United States Shield’ (POTUS Shield), Pastor ‘Frank Amedia’ and his associates claimed that President Trump faces a major threat.

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Indian Prime Minister holds telephonic conversation with the Russian President


New Delhi : World War may probably flare up between the United States and Russia any moment following the Syrian chemical attacks. Under these circumstances, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a prolonged telephonic conversation. It is being said that the discussion was held on further strengthening of the special strategic cooperation of both the countries. However, the details of this conversation have not been disclosed. 

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Mega Blood Donation Camp organised by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation

8770 bags collected in a single day from 39 locations across the State

Mumbai: ‘Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation’ and allied institutions arranged blood donation camps at 39 locations across the state on the same day. In this mega blood donation campaign of the institutions, a total of 8770 bags of blood was collected. 5838 bags were collected at the camp organised at Bandra East in Mumbai, while 2932 bags were collected at other centres in the State.


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