' Pratyaksha Hindi ' - The launch of the online e-Weekly

Most of you are already aware that Dattaguru Publications is publishing the magazine Krupasindhu in 4 languages, viz. Marathi, Hindi Gujarati and English. We are very happy to inform that Dattaguru Publications will now be publishing PRATYAKSHA as a e-weekly through arrangement with Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd. 

All the Shraddhavaans are aware that the Dainik Pratyaksha is now in its ninth year. This newspaper is published primarily in Marathi, and as a 'non-political daily', it not only provides news but, more importantly, educates the reader. 

There has been a continuous flood of requests from Shraddhavaans from other parts of the country and abroad for making PRATYAKSHA available. It is in response to this very request that I had, in my address during the 2013 Aadiveshan, announced that very soon we would be coming up with Pratyaksha as an e-weekly in Hindi.

You will be very happy to know that the inaugural issue of the e-weekly in Hindi will be published on Thursday, March 06, 2014. As regards the name of the e-weekly, you will have to wait till the e-weekly is published. 

Sadguru Bapu, in many of His pravachans has explained to us that “Shiva Dnyanopadeshtaaram”, i.e. Shiva is the one who propagates knowledge. Darkness is symbolised by the absence of meaningful knowledge; and in darkness lurks danger that can cause us harm. In today’s times of advanced technology and science it has become necessary for everyone to be updated and well informed. 

It is the ‘Sadguru Tattva’ which propagates the importance of knowledge that illuminates our lives and takes us forward on the wings of progress. It is by paying obeisance to the ‘Sadguru Tattva’ that spreads knowledge and illuminates our lives, that we welcome the e-weekly on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri. 

This e-weekly will be published on every Friday evening. Through this medium all Shraddhavaans will have direct access to the thoughts and views of Param Poojya Bapu. The bottom line is that Bapu will have a direct connect with all Shraddhavaans. 

Through the e-weekly, we will be bringing to you a series of articles on various topics as also other interesting articles that have appeared in PRATYAKSHA since inception. These will include:

(a) Editorials of Param Poojya Bapu under the head Tulsipatra’;

(b) International events, news and analysis; (c) Analysis of Shri Sai Satcharita by Dr. Yogindrasinh; (d) Series of articles on Netaji; (e) Articles on places of tourist attraction by Dr. Vishakhaveera; (f) Finding words hidden within words in English; (g) Writing of Jaap and colouring of Dhyan Chitra & Darshan Chitra (Shraddhavaans may take printouts for the purpose writing Jaap and colouring of the Dhyan Chitra; (h) Spotting the difference between two similar looking pictures; (i) Series of articles on health providing valuable information on treatment of a variety of ailments by the use of homoeopathy, ayurveda and others under the title ‘Dehagram’; (j) Articles on science and history.

This e-weekly is being made available at www.aanjaneyapublications.com. This e-weekly will comprise of between 16 to 20 pages. Detailed information on the e-weekly will be available on February 27, 2014 at www.aanjaneyapublications.com.

I firmly believe that this e-weekly will be tremendously benefit every Shraddhavaan. Whichever corner of the world one may be in, whether at home or at office, on a pilgrimage or merely sitting in someplace, whatever may be our mother tongue,  we can remain connected with the e-weekly and therefore with Bapu, by means of a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet. 

ll Hari Om ll  ll Shreeram ll  ll Ambadnya ll