Political Crisis in Belarus

Senior US officials to visit Russia soon to find a solution to the Belarus crisis

Washington/Minsk: It has been revealed that US First Deputy Secretary of State, Stephen Bigan, will soon be visiting Russia in an effort to find a solution to the political crisis developed in Belarus. The United States and Russia have both confirmed this information. Other than Russia, US First Deputy Secretary of State Bigan will also be visiting Lithuania. 

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Russian President warns against any foreign interference in Belarus

Moscow/Minsk: Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning and said, ‘We don’t want to see any external interference in Belarus. Otherwise, the political crisis in that state may escalate.’ Sources have informed that President Vladimir Putin issued the warning at an independent meeting with Germany, France and European Union (EU) on the crisis in Belarus.

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Russia is willing to provide military aid to Belarus: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow/Minsk: – Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that as per the agreement signed between Russia and Belarus, Russia is willing to help Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko claimed to have won the Presidential elections, held last week, with a majority. But intense nationwide protests have been triggered against him. 

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US increasing military deployment in Europe to counter Russia, claims Defense Secretary Mark Esper

Washington: US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper claimed that the United States is deploying its military in the eastern European countries adjoining the Russian border. These steps are being taken to stop Russia. Last month, the United States had announced that the military deployment will be reduced from Germany and will be moved to other countries in Europe. 

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