Pakistan supports anti-India activities at JNU

JNU, जेएनयू

The Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh had said that the incident at ‘JNU’ had the backing and support of Hafiz Saeed, the Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa. The Home Minister’s statement was based on the Twitter account of Hafiz Saeed wherein the Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa had tweeted his support towards the anti-India elements in the JNU. Further in his tweet, Hafiz Saeed had also demanded that Pakistan Government support this trend. However there have been claims that the Twitter account was a fake one and the Home Minister’s statement is not backed by any concrete evidence. There have also been potshots at the Minister saying that he should not have made such irresponsible statements without proper verification.

‘जेएनयू’ में चल रहे देशविघातक कारनामों के पीछे पाक़िस्तान का हाथ

There has been news that the said Twitter account in Hafiz Saeed’s name is being operated by Pakistan’s intelligence organization. The Union Home Minister while speaking on the subject said, “We have made responsible statements and we stand by the same. We would like to maintain the confidentiality and would not like to reveal anything at this stage.

This is not the first time that Pakistan has been found to have a hand in the anti-India incidents at ‘JNU”. In 1995, Prof B.G. Chakravarty had lodged a complaint with the JNU authorities about Pakistani agents being actively involved in carrying out anti-national activities in the University. He had also sent a letter to the Registrar of JNU in this regard.

Prof. Chakravaty had made some shocking revelations in the said letter. A reference has been made about the discussion that took place on 21st December 1995 in the Academic Council meeting of the University. On raising the issue of the anti-national activities carried out by Pakistani secret agents, he was advised by the Vice-Chancellor to lodge a written complaint with the Registrar in this matter.

“Ceaseless efforts are being made to make a division and separate out the Indian state of Jammu-Kashmir from India. JNU is being used for the furtherance of this cause and poisonous propaganda is being carried out. The terrorists from Pakistan are actively involved in the same. They had resided as guests in the “Aravali” and “Gomti” hostels of JNU. These terrorists had also participated in the event held on the 15th November and were even carrying arms” revealed Prof. Chakravarty in his letter.

“Anti-India” posters have been put up in the JNU campus and the terrorists from Pakistan are behind this propaganda. There is an aggressive demand in the poster to withdraw Indian Army from Kashmir. Alongside this, the Pakistani agents are advocating the “two-nation” theory of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in this poster. Hence Prof. Chakravarty in his letter had requested all this information be made known to the intelligence agencies.