One who has control over nature

Experience of Vrunda Padhye,

When one does not have control over the happenings around, a person tends to look at the higher authority for help… in this case, God, for some divine intervention and for a resolution. When a Shraddhavan is faced with a calamity that is beyond one’s capacity to resolve, they turn to one’s Sadguru for help with a sense of right.

Sadguru lovingly looks over the wellbeing of a Shraddhavan. He facilitates smooth execution of an event in the life of a Shraddhavan.

I got to experience this phenomenon at the time of my daughter’s marriage.

In the year 2013, the monsoon arrived in Mumbai around 7th of June. At times, it would drizzle the whole day and at other times, there would be incessant rain. My daughter’s wedding was scheduled for 15th July 2013. Since it was raining incessantly, I was worried about the event. Everyone at home was sulking about the wedding being in the peak monsoon season.  However, I had full confidence on Bapu, I knew he would take care of it. I knew that Bapu runs to help a Shraddhavan during one’s difficult times.

Sadguru Aniruddha

On July 10th, we had a family function. The guests had begun to arrive right from the 8th itself. In spite of such torrential rains, not a single guest got drenched in the rain. Their luggage also remained dry. It was a matter of a great surprise for us. In fact, on second thoughts, it was Bapu’s grace.

We performed Paduka Poojan at home on July 12th. At that time, I pleaded to Bapu that there be no rain on 14th and 15th. Just as a little girl who threatens her father with love, I said to Bapu, “Bapu let there be no rain. If it rains and during the marriage function, people will point a finger at you and I will not like that. Therefore, please manage it for me.”

To everyone’s surprise, there was not a drop of rain on July 14-15th. Just as described in Saisatcharitra that Baba screamed at the incessant rain and asked it to stop, my Bapu also did not allow it to rain over those two days. He responded to my plea and the function was a grand success.

When the Sadguru is active for a Shraddhavan, they need not fear anything. He is always present to resolve any obstacle that might come in the way.

“Tumcha me bhaar vahin sarvatha,

Navhe he anyatha vachan majhe”

Bapu, please keep loving us in the same way. Let all of us be enveloped in your love forever. That is all I pray at your lotus feet.


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