The year 2016, witnessed an unpleasant start with the terror attack on strategically important Pathankot Air-Force base. Pathankot is a very important, forward airbase of Western Air Command sprawling with a 25 kms periphery.


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On January 2, 2016 a group of six heavily armed terrorists infiltrated the air-force station. The attack saw a fierce gun-battle between Indian security forces and terrorists stretching for four days for almost 80 hours code-named "Operation Dhangu", after the place Dhangu where the base is located. Although, investigations in Pathankot attack are still on, the security forces and intelligence agencies have blamed Jaish-e-Mohammad, a radical terrorist organization based-out of Pakistan headed by Masood Azhar, a terrorist released by India for the hostages during the Kandahar hijack in the year 1999.



A week prior to this, Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi had made an unprecedented move to meet Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. This impromptu visit highlighted India’s change in strategy. Considering the chronology of the events, Pathankot attack is considered as an ill-willed attempt by radical elements in Pakistan to sabotage the peace process.


The attack has not caused much harm to the air station but has costs us the lives of our seven precious bravehearts. The whole country paid tribute to these martyrs of Pathankot who fought with valour without caring for their lives and stands with their sacrifice and bereaved families. Not to forget their family, who too have made top-most sacrifice for country and for all of us by sending their near and dear ones in the armed forces to guard us.

On this note, I happen to recollect an inspiring story which struck a chord deep within my heart. It is a story of a brave war-widow. Anand More was a brave soldier of Indian Army who embraced martyrdom in 1996 in Assam combating the terrorists. Just a week before he was martyred, he had spoken with his wife over phone and promised to see his 20-day old son in the following week. But after this the soldiers of the regiment were urgently summoned for an anti-terrorist operation and Anand More never returned to his family, laying-down his life for his country. Anand More’s wife Sangita More, only of 19-years then, accepted this bitter truth and chose to overcome her grief instead of mourning. Defying the odds posed to a martyred soldier’s wife, she encouraged her son to follow the footsteps of his father to join the Indian Army. And today Rahul More is a national level athlete, has cleared his National Defence Academy’s examination and is on his way to join Indian Army as an Officer. It is indeed a commendable, brave and praiseworthy effort by this single-mother. We all should salute her courage.

Pathankot Attack 2nd jan 2016-FINAL

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