News from last week that sparked curiosity

US weekly claims that Pentagon runs Secret Army of 60,000 agents for its clandestine campaigns

Washington: US intelligence agency ‘CIA’ is infamous for its secret operations abroad. The network of CIA agents is the most extensive compared to other nations. However, reports reveal that US Defense Headquarters, the Pentagon, has the world’s largest Secret Army. The Pentagon has a secret army of 60,000 soldiers to protect US interests within its borders and across the globe. Moreover, Pentagon has independently raised $90,000 for the purpose, reported a leading US weekly.

Furthermore, over 2.2 million soldiers are operational in armed forces under the control of the US Defence Headquarters, Pentagon. The soldiers are bound by national laws, the Geneva Conventions, and the code of military conduct, just like other nations. However, the US weekly Newsweek claimed the Pentagon is running a Secret Army of 60,000 to challenge the government, military and international laws.

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US Congress needs to take the issue of UFOs seriously: Senator Marco Rubio

Washington: – Senator Marco Rubio has adopted an aggressive stand regarding Unidentified Foreign Objects (UFO), ‘The US Congress looks at the UFOs in a weird way. Some of my colleagues from the Congress are keen to know more about them. But some people scoff at and dismiss the issue of UFOs. But this is a critical issue, and you cannot expect to get answers by discrediting it and running away. The US Congress needs to take the issue more seriously, and the processes regarding this also need to be started seriously.’  

Last year, Republican Senator Marco Rubio was the chief of the intelligence committee of the US Senate. At that time, he had asked for a report on the UFOs from the Director of National Intelligence. This unclassified report will be submitted in the next month to the US Congress. Against this background, the issue of aliens and UFOs is once again on the anvil in the United States

Read More: A new explosion possible in Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant, scientists warn

Kyiv: Scientists have issued a severe warning that there is a possibility of a nuclear blast in the Chernobyl nuclear project in Ukraine, again after a staggering 35 years. British nuclear scientist Neil Hyatt warned that nuclear reactions have automatically started in the nuclear material in a closed area of the nuclear plant, which can culminate into a major nuclear explosion. In the Chernobyl Disaster that transpired in 1986, more than 10,000 people are believed to have lost their lives.

Thousands of tonnes of nuclear waste and fuel is still lying at the closed Chernobyl nuclear facility, located just 16 kilometres from the Ukraine-Belarus border. There is a large stock of nuclear energy, in the form of Uranium, stored in an underground closed room 305/2. Besides, the researchers monitoring the Uranium fuel masses have informed that neutron reactions have begun to appear in it.

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Arctic is a part of Russia: Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov

Moscow: ‘The Arctic is a part of Russia; it is Russian land. It has been apparent for everyone for a long time. Russia is responsible for ensuring our Arctic coast is safe. I once again emphasize that the Arctic is our land and our waters,’ the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, warned about Russia’s claim on the Arctic region. The Arctic Council Meeting is to be held on Thursday. Also, this statement before the meeting is considered a part of Russia’s aggressive policy.

The Arctic region is known as the ice-covered landmass towards the North Pole of Earth. In the form of icebergs, glaciers and sea waters, this area shares its borders with eight nations. These include Russia, United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. These nations, together, have established the ‘Arctic Council’.

Over the last few years, the Arctic glaciers are melting at large, opening up new trade routes. At the same time, this region has been claimed to hold massive oil, gas and mineral reserves. Thus, many other nations, apart from the Arctic nations, are eager about it. The Arctic Council meeting on Thursday is expected to discuss the matter. Against this background, Russia has caused a sensation by claiming its right on the Arctic.

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Iran had already prepared for atom bomb in 2003, claims renowned US analyst

Washington: – Analyst David Albright and researcher Sarah Burkhard, from the renowned US think tank, warned, ‘Iran had prepared to conduct a Cold Test of the main parts of the Atom bomb by the end of 2003. Now Iran is only waiting for the availability of the required quantities of enriched Uranium and Plutonium. If the country succeeds in acquiring this, it will immediately be able to test the nuclear bomb. In that scenario, Iran can launch a nuclear weapon even from its destroyers.’  

The Biden administration in the United States is making rapid moves to sign a nuclear deal with Iran. In this scenario, the US media is claiming that this warning issued by the analysts can exert pressure on the Biden administration. A book written by Analyst David Albright, President of the US think tank Institute for Science and International Security, and researcher Sarah Burkhard will soon be published. The book is titled ‘Iran’s Perilous Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons’.  

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