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New twists and turns in Afghanistan War

Taliban-produced drugs entering Sri Lanka through Pakistan: Afghan Envoy

Colombo: Afghanistan Ambassador to Sri Lanka, M. Ashraf Haidari accused that the narcotics coming from the Taliban are being smuggled into Sri Lanka, via Pakistan. Sri Lanka has declared a war against narcotic substances, for the last two years. Last year, a series of blasts were carried out in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. 

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More than 1,200 killed in Afghanistan in first half of 2020: UN report

Kabul/United Nations: A United Nations report claims that the total number of people killed and injured in the violence, in Afghanistan, in the first six months of 2020 were more than 3,500. The United Nations expressed concerns over the increasing violence in Afghanistan through this report. 

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Taliban has not severed ties with al-Qaeda: Afghan Army chief

Kabul: There is not even a slight difference in the relations between the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Taliban continues to cooperate with all the other terrorist organisations from Pakistan. Afghan Army Chief Lieutenant General Yasin Zia accused that the Taliban has violated the peace deal signed with the United States by continuing to maintain ties with the Al Qaeda and Pakistani terror groups. 

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Russia opposes US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned, ‘Russia has always supported the US military deployment in Afghanistan and will continue to support it. There is no threat to Russian interests because of US military deployment. The United States withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, may create risks.’ 

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18 dead in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan

Kabul: In a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan capital Kabul, 18 have died while 57 others were wounded, in which schoolchildren are also said to be included. No one has accepted responsibility for the attack as yet. Even the Taliban denied any association with the attacks. UN

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