Nations strengthen cyber policies, prepare for cyber-war

Despite opposition from Western countries China approves the controversial Cyber Security Act

Beijing : China has approved the controversial cyber security act, putting forth the reason of cyber attacks and terrorism. Having made difficult the entry for companies with foreign technology in China due to this new act, they have been imposed with restrictions upon information storage and security. Since this act has been imposed despite the expressed unhappiness of foreign companies operating in China, the industry has reacted sharply.

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Russia announces new policy to combat cyber attacks

russia cyber secutiry

Moscow : Last week ‘FSB’, the intelligence agency of Russia, had issued a warning that the critical sectors of the country, including the banking sector, could face a cyber attack by foreign agencies. Following this, the Russian government has announced a new policy to combat cyber attacks (cyber war). In case the need arises during a war situation, commissioning the Russian version of ‘Internet’ has been indicated in this policy.

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Proposal to start ‘Hyperloop’ between Mumbai-Pune


Mumbai : Efforts are being made to start the first bullet train in the Country. There are indications that ‘Hyperloop’ service a service for speedy transportation which is a new alternative in developed countries will be started in India. Like the bullet train, the first Indian hyperloop service will be started from Mumbai. Efforts are on to introduce the hyperloop service, considered as the only option for speedy and sophisticated transportation, for the first time in India between Mumbai and Pune.

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Greece must implement reforms or leave Eurozone, warns German Finance Minister

Athens: German finance minister said that its imperative for Greece to implement economic reforms, if it is to stay in the Eurozone. In spite of this warning, EU during its Brussels summit agreed to grant some debt relief to Greece. It is said that the decision was influenced by the shocking results of Italy’s referendum.


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