Shirishsinh Badve


In the train we keep our luggage next to us, we do not carry it on our head. The train carries us along with our luggage. Similarly when we surrender to the Sadguru he gradually lifts the load off the bhakta and carries them both to the destination. Even when the bhaktas are compelled to face their unavoidable destiny the Sadguru intervenes and the bhakta tides over, smooth and safe. Those who hold on firmly to the Sadguru’s feet have this experience this all the time.

Parampujya Sadguru Bapu’s visit to Aurangabad was scheduled for 12th December  2010. All the Bapu bhaktas were preparing and eagerly waiting for that day. Some were doing Bapu’s paduka pujan and singing the glory of Bapu. Bhaktas from Mumbai were regularly visiting Aurangabad and providing information about Bapu.

On 2nd August such a speech by Vinod Vaidya from Mumbai was organised at Pratap Nagar. My wife and I went by my bike to Pratapnagar. He gave us a lot of information about Bapu’s personal life, his seva programmes, the characteristics of a Sadguru seen in Bapu and the bhakti path shown by Him. Everyone enjoyed it and even the newcomers were keenly listening to it.

At 8.30, after the program got over we wound up everything and bid each other goodbye with ‘Hari Om’. I left on my bike with my wife.  On going a bit further we saw 3 ladies from the upasana centre pasing by. In all probability, they were walking home. My wife waved to them and we proceeded. I wondered why they had to walk. Had they not got a riksha? I pulled up by the side of the road and waited for them.

The engine was on and with my one leg resting on the road I was waiting for them. All of a sudden a motorcycle rushed from behind and dashed on to my bike. The impact was so powerful that both of us fell down on our back. Even the boy on the motorcycle fell down. Before we realised what had happened we saw a rickshaw coming on to us at great speed. What if the rikshaw driver did not brake in time? He would surely crash into us....head on!! The thought flashed in my mind and I shuddered!

The rickshaw was very close. A mere two seconds and it would have rammed into us. I had my heart in my mouth. In those two seconds Bapu came to my mind, who else but Bapu could save us in this situation? The moment that thought flashed in my mind the rickshaw driver swerved his vehicle away from us and sped past! What if he did not have the presence of mind to do this.....? The rickshaw’s tyre would have rolled over our head. What an escape this had been!!

I got up and lifted my bike. My wife had felt a slight jerk, as for me there was not a single scratch. This accident was written in my destiny, but my Bapu protected me and I emerged from it safe and sound. That is the truth. It was Bapu and Bapu alone who had saved us.

Bapu keeps his word - “I shall never forsake you,” for everyone who considers Him his own, his closest.....for each shraddhavan bhakta who feels He is 'His Bapu'.  

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