My Sadguru's Unfathomable Intervention

- Pranali Tambuskar, Kalina 

One keeps hearing that the Sadguru offers help in various ways during the time of crisis. One experiences such interventions at many times in the course of one's life. Some people call it a "coincidence" and brush them off.   However, when a Shraddhavan experiences such interventions, they feel assured of Sadguru's active role in the life.  I cannot express my joy in words as I begin to narrate my experience to you. I can never forget July 22, 2011. An unforgettable event had taken place on that day. As usual, I left the office at 7:30 pm. It was the birthday of my supervisor's son. In fact, I was running late that day. However, on her insistence, the entire office staff reached her home for the celebration.  It was about 9:30 pm as we wrapped up the birthday celebration and dinner. All my friends lived in Vikhroli. As I stayed at Kalina, I was the only person who had to travel a different route to reach home. I had to travel from Vikhroli to Kurla and then further on to Kalina. So, one of my friends dropped me at Vikhroli station.  By then, it was 9:45 pm. A train had just arrived at the station. I presumed that the train was to ply up to Dadar or CST, so I boarded the train in a hurry without checking the platform indicator. When I descended the train, it was way past 10 pm. Upon looking around, I was petrified. Instead of the usual platform number 4, the train had pulled into platform no. 7. The train that I boarded terminated at Kurla. To give a little bit of background here, I get pretty confused when it comes to boarding a train or identifying an appropriate train. Hence, the unexpected scenario confused me. I had almost lost my orientation and, therefore, could not assimilate which way I had to go.   In my hurry to get out of the station, I climbed up Platform No. 8 onto the bridge only to find 5-6 people quarrelling among themselves. I was quite scared looking at them and not able to think straight. Finally, as usual, I relied on Bapu. I held the Trivikram locket in my hand and began to chant "Om Manasamarthyadata Shree Aniruddhaya Namah." I then turned around to walk towards platform No.7. As I did so, I turned around to notice that two men were walking right behind me.  I pulled out my mobile phone to call my father, but in vain. I realized that there was no balance in my phone. At that moment, the only support I had was of Bapu. I relied entirely on him and asked him, "What do I do now, Bapu?"  As I just about completed my question, a friend of mine called me on my phone. You would not believe this, but he told me that one of his friends had pushed him to travel to Kurla. He remembered that I also travel from Kurla, hence he thought of calling me.   So I thought about my difficult situation. I thought about my prayer to Sadguru Bapu and wondered how my friend happened to be in Kurla and called me at this very moment. It then dawned upon me that Bapu's intervention is unfathomable. I got very emotional thinking about it.  I narrated the whole episode to him. He asked me to stay where I was and informed me that he would reach there very shortly. I was overwhelmed with joy and thanked Bapu several times. I continued my chanting. At this time, those two boys were still following me. They reached real close when my friend called me from behind.  As soon as they heard him call out to me, the two boys turned back and left. It was an unforgettable moment for me. My mind was full of gratitude towards Bapu. I could not thank Bapu enough. Bapu saw a calamity coming towards me, and I fully believe that it was he who had made my friend travel to Kurla and call me. He had come rushing to help me.   On reaching home, I narrated the incident to my mother and my sister. Both of them were overwhelmed.    Bapu, you love your children beyond anyone's comprehension. Please allow us to be at your lotus feet forever!!