My Sadguru saved me from severe dengue attack

- Suhasini Deshpande, Dadar This experience will make readers realize that for a serious ailment to get cured; one needs Sadguru’s blessings along with the right set of medicines. Several renowned doctors say, “We treat, ‘He’ cures.” It means the doctors only treat the patient for the ailment, but “He” is the only one who cures the patient. The lady in this experience did not know which ailment she was suffering until the end of her treatment. The illness got cured without taking the right set of medicines. Albeit with his blessings!

Ever Loving Bapu
Roughly about 4 or 5 days before the October 2nd holiday, I began to feel unwell. I would get cold shivers. Each time the shivers subsided, I would feel quite uneasy. I went to our family physician, who prescribed some medication; but in vain. Soon after, I lost my appetite. I could barely eat. I went to the doctor again. He asked me to get my blood and urine tests done as he suspected jaundice. On showing him the reports, he asked me to see a specialist. I consulted a specialist on the 3rd. He advised me to get hospitalized as my platelet count had dropped significantly. I got myself admitted to a hospital on October 4th. They again performed all the tests. By then, the platelet count had dropped even further. As I was hardly eating, I had become relatively weak and would typically be in bed most of the time. I was in the hospital for almost five days. I was diagnosed with jaundice and malaria on checking all the reports. My platelet count improved due to treatment, and I was discharged from the hospital. However, after coming home, I was asked not to take any medication. The doctor asked me to take only one tablet, for my high blood pressure issue. While I was hospitalized, the medicines given to me made me feel better, but now the earlier symptoms recurred. I once again visited our family physician. He prescribed me some supplements. My husband showed the reports to our earlier family physician. He, too, prescribed several medicines. I took those as well, but my health condition was the same. My weakness aggravated. Now, whatever I ate began to taste bitter. As a result, I did not feel like eating anything. Despite my fragile health, as it was Navratra, I would take someone’s help and go to Gurukshetram. I would attend afternoon Aarti and return home. I went to Gurukshetram on Dassera. Parampujya Bapucame there in the evening. Instantly, I got up and stood by the gate of Gurukshetram. I could take the darshan from close quarters. Bapu raised his hand and looked at me with immense grace and benevolence. I felt better, and with much joy, we returned home. On Friday, we went to Suchitdada. I showed him all my reports. On checking those reports, he asked me a couple of questions, and on hearing my answers, he immediately said, “You just had dengue. It was a very severe attack of dengue. God saved you.” I began to cry right there in front of him on hearing that. However, he said, “Now, you need not worry.” He then prescribed a few medicines for me. Honestly, when I think about those days, I realize how blessed we all are! He is always watching over us. Despite performing so many tests, no one, not even a specialist doctor, could suspect or diagnose that the ailment of my suffering was dengue. I was suffering from it for almost 10-12 days. That, too, a severe one. I was alive regardless of taking any medications prescribed for dengue; this was nothing but my Bapu’s unmerited grace. It is because of his blessings that I am here. I firmly believe that when I had Bapu’s darshan from a close distance, Bapu raised his hand to indicate that I need not worry. Everything was going to be alright. I informed my children and other family members about it on returning from Dada’s clinic. They all were shocked to hear that. They all stood in front of his picture and said, “Truly, his ways are unfathomable. He truly watches over every shraddhavans.”