My Sadguru my Saviour

Milindsinh Kasle, Virar

Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

Bapu takes loving  care of one who surrenders to him.  I am deeply touched and overwhelmed witnessing the extent of care and concern Bapu has for each of his bhaktas.

One can understand the expanse of the word “Experience” only when one puts a pen to paper.  One can never describe his divine interventions. One can never describe his blessings.  What we put on paper is only a narration.

Apaghaat Bhaya Jaee I Tale Akaal Maran I

Sankatat Madat Hoee I Mile Manaadhar II

(We are rid of the fear of accident and untimely death never befalls us. We get help in every difficult moment. He gives us the strength of mind)

This is an experience that explains the underlying meaning of these words.

It was Gurupournima day on July 11, 2006.  My father boarded the Borivali train at Vile-Parle station.  He did not have the faintest idea about things that were to come his way.  As the train approached Jogeshwari station, there was a loud noise. For some time, he did not understand what was happening around him.  There was a bomb blast in his compartment. There was massive chaos around him.  The intensity of the bomb blast was so huge that the metal sheets in the compartment were ripped apart.  People were thrown all over the place.  My father was also thrown out and was on the railway track.  However, my father who had stepped out to take darshan of his beloved Sadguru was taken care by Bapu, he had no wounds except for some small bruises.

People were running helter-skelter. First aid was provided to them.  The rescue operation began in full swing.  In the nick of time, a person walked up to my father and asked about his well-being.  My father told him that he needed to go to Khar to Happy Home where his Sadguru lived.  My father had lost his money and the person who asked him seemed to be very poor.  Therefore, both of them walked from Jogeshwari to Happy Home, Khar. Later Dr. Paurassinh Joshi (Bapu’s son) came down. He enquired about my father’s well-being and made arrangements with the help of security staff to help my father reach my sister’s house at Sion.

It was only due to the infinite love and blessings of my Sadguru Bapu that my father was saved from such a calamity. Bapu runs to rescue his bhakti, in fact he gave him a new lease of life.

This is how my Sadguru stands right behind every bhakta and protects him. We have experienced his unfathomable  strength.

(Now O Sadgururaya! Grant me just this one wish. May I never stray from your path. You alone be my father, my mother every single birth. May Your name, O Aniruddha, be always on my lips.)

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