My Sadguru, My God

Rakeshsinh Phule & Radhaveera Phule

Sometimes certain incidents, having no plausible explanations, occur in one’s life. In such situations, a person is bound to feel helpless and may start questioning his faith in God. In fact, a person who follows the path of a Sadguru is often advised by others to move away from this path in times of adversity.
However, it is in such situations that one needs to have faith and patience. A true devotee believes that the Sadguru is always with him and the Sadguru will help tide over his adversities.

bapuI got married on 24th May 2003. On my wife’s insistence, I started attending Bapu’s discourse. It is because of her that in the form of Bapu I found a father, mother, Sadguru, and God.

We live in Wai. Two years had passed since our marriage, and although everything was going smoothly, we did not have a child. We visited Suchit Dada in 2005 for treatment. He asked us not to worry and told us that everything will be fine. He prescribed certain medicines for my wife and asked me to continue the treatment that I was undergoing.

The next year my wife was pregnant. But, in two months she had to undergo an abortion. Subsequently in the next seven years, for various medical reasons, she had to undergo four abortions. Yet, Suchit Dada would ask us to not worry at all.

In those seven years, we visited various doctors for different treatments. Suchit Dada had asked us to continue the treatments along with his medicines.

During this period, we were given all sorts of advice by various people. But, Bapu had taught us the important lesson of faith and patience. Hence, we continued Suchit Dada’s medicines and firmly believed that Bapu would make everything fall into place.

After the fourth abortion, we called up Suchit Dada. He said that now my wife’s tribulations were over and everything would be fine. Moreover, for the first time, he suggested the name of another doctor for treatment. He asked us to contact Dr. Anand Kore at Warananagar.

We immediately went to Warananagar to meet Dr. Kore. On meeting him, we handed over a note that Suchit Dada had given us. He touched the note to his forehead in reverence. He smiled and said that Dada had sent a note and had told him that my wife would be able to bear a child successfully. He said that his presence was merely incidental and whatever Dada had said would come true. He also added that all the earlier patients sent by Dada had been treated successfully and he had seen certain patients recover miraculously by Bapu’s grace. On hearing Dr. Kore and witnessing his immense faith in Bapu, we felt reassured.

We then began Dr. Kore’s treatment. My wife, Radha, was pregnant for the fifth time. But, in a few months, we were faced with more adversities. Her father expired due to a heart failure when she was two months into her pregnancy. And, when she was seven months pregnant, my mother fell seriously ill. My mother expired when Radha entered her ninth month.

All this while, Bapu provided us with the strength to withstand the difficult situation. We were constantly in touch with Suchit Dada and he would give us words of encouragement.

On 19 August 2010, we were blessed with a baby boy. My wife had spoken to Dada on the previous night and he had assured her that Bapu would be there with her.

During these times, Dada asked us to chant the Ram Raksha and the Hanuman Chalisa stotra. This proved to be an immense source of strength. It is true that the Sadguru ensures that his devotee gets what he deserves at an appropriate time.

After two months, we went to Dada, along with our baby boy, to seek his blessings. He was extremely happy to see us. He asked us to name the boy ‘Rahulsinh’.

It was only due to Bapu’s grace that Rahulsinh was born, safe and sound, in spite of what my wife went through during her pregnancy. Bapu, let my son be immersed in your devotion and service. Please help us in this task of raising him and please reprimand us in case we make any mistakes.

Finally, let us never forget you Bapu, this is the only prayer at Your Feet!!