You are my only savior

Harshal Valunj, Beturkar Pada, Kalyan,

When a delicate part of the body such as the eye gets hurt, a person tends to feel very restless and furthermore helpless. If the body part through which we can see the world dysfunctions, then the plight of a person can only be imagined. However, if one is protected by his Sadguru, the person will never lose his eyesight.

Sadguru Aniruddha - Experience of Neeta Kenjalkar


A week prior to the festival of colors, Holi; I was returning from school on my bicycle as per my usual routine. All of a sudden, a boy threw a balloon filled with water towards me. It hit my ear and burst open and the water got into my eyes. I began to see images, albeit blur. I lost my balance as I could not see a stone lying on the road in front of me. My cycle went over it and as a result, I lost my balance and fell down on the road. However, I was chanting Bapu’s name continuously even as I stumbled and fell down. On falling down, the cycle’s handle hit my eye. My eye was badly hurt from all the sides and began to bleed. I did not stop chanting Bapu’s name despite this. There were people around me, but no one came forward to help. At that time, by Bapu’s grace, an elderly lady came forward. She asked me to ride pillion on her scooter. Later, she dropped me at my home, called my elder sister at home and then took me to the dispensary. Until I reached the dispensary, I kept asking Bapu not to let my eye suffer any serious injury. Doctor examined me and gave me medicines. It was Bapu’s grace that my eye was not swollen too much. In the evening, my parents came to visit me. My mother embraced me and assured me that I should not be worried-Bapu was there with us, she said. My mother made me sit in front of Bapu’s photo and I prayed to Bapu. After that, my mother applied some Udi to the affected area. Voila! The swelling in and around my eye subsided after that. I had immense relief in my eye. It appeared almost normal. I felt that Bapu himself had come to rescue and help me in the form of that elder sisterly lady. If I was not taken to the dispensary in time, I feel that I could have lost one of my eyes. All this happened due to Bapu’s grace and intervention. Bapu, who else could ever be my savior? My God Bapuraya, you are simply great! Please shower your blessings on me at all times.

Keeti Aadhi Vyadhi Tu Kelyas Shaant Rakshile Majala Ghor Sankatat!

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