My Bapu did not let it happen...

- Ashalata Kamane & Dilip Kamane 
My Bapu did not let it happen...


In this Kaliyug, the tentacles of ill fate can be so intense that one can easily lose balance. In such circumstances, one may lose the ability to think straight and make some crucial decisions. However, if one has complete faith in Sadguru, the Sadguru Tatva (the principle that is the Sadguru) will pardon all such mistakes. A shraddhavan would get an opportunity to see a ray of light at the end of that dark tunnel. It happens this way because even if one's ill fate is intense, Sadguru's blessings are definitely much stronger and effective in comparison. My husband Dilip, my three children, and I have entirely surrendered at the lotus feet of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. My family is wholly devoted to Sai Baba. According to a fable, should one love someone intensely, should one have total faith and trust in someone, that person definitely comes across to visit them. It happened precisely the same way. In the year 2001, one day, we saw Bapu, we heard him. We felt that our Sai Baba came to meet us. Before we had realised it, our family became ardent Bapu followers. My children like this Gajar.

‘Sarva Jagi Aamha Bapucha Aadhaar

Nahi modnaar Sankataat

Prarabdh Aanil Pudhe Kaay Kaal

Aamhi Jari Nenoo Kari Pratipal'

All of us were living happily with our unshakable faith and trust in Bapu. With it, I increasingly became fearless. From the year 2005, based on our ill fate, Niyati began to play its game with my family. All of a sudden, my daughter's thigh bone twisted, and she began to walk differently. Based on the doctor's recommendation, she was operated twice. Bapu had made all the arrangements for her surgeries. Just before the surgeries, the government had announced that family members of people in the Police force could avail free medical treatment at any government-run hospital. After this incident, my elder son, Amit, developed Glaucoma. He was restricted to the house and had to discontinue his college. Also, he could not get proper treatment. My younger son, Dhiraj, was studying in the 10th grade. One day, in his sleep, he got a spasm in the leg and on waking up, he could not stand on his feet. We then admitted him at Wockhardt Hospital, Mulund. After being checked and getting an X-ray, it was diagnosed that my son's hip joints and elbows were dislocated. He had an intense calcium deficiency. It was so severe that the doctor said that a person would not survive if the calcium level drops down to the level it had reached for Dhiraj. It was only because of Bapu that he was alive. Also, one of his bones had moved so much that they had to put some traction to it to bring it down to its original place. The doctor later operated on him and put plates near his hip joints. They operated on his elbows as well. The doctor was injecting calcium into his body, but the calcium levels would not increase at all. On seeing his plight, the doctor would ask him, "What are you made of, my son?" The doctor was surprised because, in this calcium-deficient state, he was being operated on five times. Before this, my Dhiraj had participated in the Dhangaddhinga workshop. Nandaai had awarded her kids with the title of "Sinh." In the workshop, she had ensured that she gave them enough strength and prepared them to face the life that would unfold in front of them. I witnessed that my Dhiraj was ever-ready to face any obstacle that would come his way through these series of surgeries. If this was not enough, my husband and my three children had to endure a contagious disease. Their plight was difficult to watch. It is only Bapu who helped us sail through the difficult times. During such testing times, I could experience God's divine intervention and his presence in my life. Before we could think about what was needed to be done, some arrangement would be made, somehow, to take care of the immediate circumstance. In this dreaded force of evil destiny, Bapu carried all of us on his able shoulders. Bapu had provided us with Ramnaam Book to fight our ill fate. Since we had finished a certain number of Ramnaam books, the four of us could go on stage to perform Aarti on a Thursday. Therefore, I was confident that Bapu was watching over us. I was sure that everyone was going to come out of these ailments and sufferings unscathed. As directed by Bapu through his discourses, I was bravely fighting all these difficult times. However, I am an ordinary housewife and a mother. Therefore, it was natural for me to think that my family was going through a hard time. It was hard to see my son leave college and sit at home. It was hard to see the mounting expenses, and by thinking about all of these things, I began to experience dejection and depression. It started taking a toll on me, and slowly I began to lose my mental balance. I was not able to differentiate right from wrong. I began to lose control over my actions. In that state of mind, one day, I lost myself, and I poured an insecticide into a glass and swallowed it. I consumed some Udi and slept off (let me be upfront in apologising to Bapu for the grave mistake I committed). It was the day of August 24, 2010. In no time, my children came to know about it, and they all began to cry. At the same time, I vomited, and a significant portion of the insecticide was also thrown out of my body. Please read the experience further as written by my husband. I was on duty as my son communicated this news to me. On hearing this, it felt like someone had pulled the carpet from under my feet. I began chanting Bapu's name and asked my son to admit her to a hospital. My son is usually quite aloof and shy, but no one knows what got into him that day. He called the ambulance and rushed my wife to Jupiter Hospital. The treatment began immediately. On reaching the hospital, as I spoke to the doctor, he informed me that my wife, the patient, was quite serious. He had given us just 24 hours. Doctor asked us to bring along the insecticide bottle to check contents of the same. They decided to treat her based on the substance she had consumed. By this time, it was dark outside. The shop from where my wife had purchased it was shut for business. That night, my children sat in front of Bapu's picture and asked him to return their mother to them. They further said to Bapu that they did not want anything else but their mother. I was at the hospital and sat there chanting Bapu's name. After dawn broke on the horizon, I went to Byculla to get the bottle. When I got there, the shop owner told me that the Insecticide production had stopped a year ago. I was discouraged, but as I turned, the shopkeeper suddenly remembered something. He went in, got the bottle and informed me that someone had returned it last morning. It was the same insecticide. On seeing that bottle, my eyes began to water. I thanked Bapu a thousand times. Imagine, who would return a bottle of an insecticide purchased a while back, that too the production of which was stopped a year ago? Who else can care for a devotee so much? It is him alone. I immediately took that bottle to the hospital and handed it over to the doctor. The doctor immediately began the treatment on her. He asked me the place where I got the bottle. On hearing that, the doctor said that God was great and that he was looking over our family. He further said that he had only proctored the medicine, but she was indeed saved by the lord. Thus, the treatment began. Everyone was waiting for my wife to regain consciousness. However, she was lying there without any response. She was on a ventilator and was playing hide and seek with life. We were invoking Bapu intensely. The doctor had refused to comment either which way with conviction. Our Bapu was rock steady by our side all through this. My wife began to move her hands after about four hours and slowly regained consciousness. The doctor informed us that it was sheer miracle. He said that she was a very fortunate lady. My wife had almost lost her life, and my Sadguru had brought her back. My children's mother had come back. It was truly divine intervention. It was just like how we read in Shree Saisatcharita, how Baba cured Madhavrao of the poison that inhibited his body by asking it to be in control. It almost seemed like that in my wife's case as well. Doctors had given up hopes on her, but it was because of my Sadguru's divine intervention that the toxic substance which had spread in my wife's body was removed. Honestly, every breath that she takes in today is only because of Bapu's grace. The death knell had been sounded for her, but Bapu did not let it overtake her life. His beloved daughter is always at his lotus feet. I bow at Bapu's lotus feet and ask him to protect all his devotees the same way. Bapu, I bow at your lotus feet thousand times over.