Mobile App developer Imran Khan from Alwar, Rajasthan

Mobile app developer Imran Khan, staying in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, won’t ever forget that Friday night. Like every day he went to sleep. The next day he started receiving phone calls and messages congratulating him from his friends. He could not understand why his friends were congratulating him. But after knowing the reason his happiness knew no bounds.


While addressing a huge NRI crowd at Wembley Stadium in United Kingdom, Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi had praised Imran. Those who have heard the speech will come to know, what exactly Imran has done. Imran has developed 52 educational mobile apps. Imran aged 37, is a teacher in a school in Alwar. There is no TV in Imran’s house but has a computer. Imran has not even received proper Computer training but he spends most of his time in searching things related to technology on the internet. Also, he reads his brother’s books, who is an engineer by profession. He developed his own website in the year 2009 with information only from internet and through his brother’s books.

After given a chance and boost by local District Collector Shri. Ashutosh Pednekar to develop educational website for ‘Project Ekta’, Imran never looked back. In the year 2012, Imran developed an app named ‘NCERT Learn Science’ for 9th standard students. He received good response. After which he developed almost 52 apps in three years. All these apps are educational and are available on Google's app marketplace: Google Playstore for free. On searching ‘GKtalk’ on the Playstore we can download all Imran’s apps. There are other apps like ‘General Science in Hindi’, ‘History GK in Hindi’, ‘Rajasthan Administrative Services’, etc.  Till now ‘General Science in Hindi’ app has been downloaded by 7 lakhs people. Also, the 52 apps have been downloaded by over 30 lakhs people so far, says Imran.


mobile app devloper

Being a teacher, Imran has devotion towards education. Hence Imran has dedicated all his apps for the purpose of education. These apps will prove beneficial for all students and especially for those who plan to appear for competitive examinations. Kids are more interested in mobiles rather than books. Hence it will be beneficial if more useful educational apps are developed.

This work done by Imran is indeed praiseworthy as he hails from rural area where availability of resources is restrained. Telecom Minister has ordered BSNL to provide free Internet facility to Imran. By this Imran will be able to develop more and more useful apps and thus will contribute in a better way in the field of education which is the basis of nation building.

It is learnt that recently Imran Khan declined a lucrative job offer by Rajasthan government in their Science & Technology Department, saying that no other post is greater than his current profile of being a teacher which offers him the best opportunity to serve his hobby which ultimately is helping rural children.

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