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Chemical attack by ISIS on US troops in Iraq


Baghdad : The ISIS has fired a rocket that has landed at the ‘Qayyarah Airbase’ in Iraq. That this could have been a chemical attack, is a distinct possibility and if confirmed, would prove to be the first chemical attack on the US troops. Moreover, the likelihood of the conflict against the IS in Iraq becoming more expansive also must be reckoned with, as a result of this attack. The US and the Iraqi troops have together initiated a powerful offensive to seize the Mosul region of Northern Iraq. The Iraqi army has successfully taken over  areas around Mosul for which purpose, the US has been providing support by way of air strikes.

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Afghanistan President on India Visit


New Delhi : Nobody should shelter those terrorizing India and Afghanistan”, in these no uncertain terms, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghanistan President Ashraf Gani have  warned Pakistan. The Afghan President, arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday night, has signed three treaties including an Extradition Treaty for repatriation of criminals and militants. India has proposed to invest one billion dollars for Afghanistan’s development and capability enhancement.

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China & Vietnam to resolve their differences over the South China Sea through bilateral talks


Beijing : “China and Vietnam should resolve their dispute over the South China Sea through discussions,” appealed Xi Jinping, the Chinese President after his meeting with Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Vietnamese Prime Minister. Nguyen in turn stated that his government in power since July, would have China on its list of priorities in its foreign policy.

During his 6-day tour of China, the Vietnamese Prime Minister Phuc held discussions with various Chinese leaders over many bilateral issues concerning both nations The Vietnamese Prime Minister met the Chinese President on Tuesday after his meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang

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